Sunday, July 4, 2010

Germany vs. Argentina 4-0!!!

Look at them. How funny. Haha...

I supported Germany. And Germany won! *evil laugh* Every time the Germans goaled, I could hear the guys next door cheer and scream. It's FIFA fever man! Haha... But I didn't yell out loud or I'd be in pieces now, broken into pieces by my mom for waking her up with noise. I was just jumping and bouncing here and there. Yvonne's boyfriend bet that Germany would win so he has got extra RM2000 in his pocket now, I guess. But gambling is really risky. I'd choose to stay away from it.

And guess what, when I was having my breakfast in my room this morning (well, I was having hot barley drink), somebody, I mean, a guy next door was playing and singing the disco version of Waka Waka by Shakira. I was like, "Is somebody singing? Oh, undoubtedly and obviously it is." I think he thought no one could hear him singing to himself but seriously I did. With his coarse and deep voice, I felt like shivering although I was imbibing hot drink. I wasn't eavesdropping, he just sang too loud. ^^

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