Saturday, August 28, 2010


After another week, we’ll have our two-week holiday for Hari Raya celebration. My mom was asking me where I would like to go to. I didn’t know what to answer. We haven’t been going places together as a family for a very long time. Nevertheless, this family is already broken. There are so many assignments to be done. What’s even more frustrating is that the final exam is coming. I need to revise. It’s my fault for not taking my study seriously.  Instead of cracking my head, thinking where to hang out, I answered:

“Don’t waste money travelling anywhere since we can’t capture our moment. Just buy me a camera.”

“Stop dreaming.”

“Oh fine, but I won’t. I’m a dreamer.”

She won't get me what I want even for once and rather spend money for things I don’t want. Meh...


I was figuring out how to use WordPress since some websites recommended it. I was really breaking my head, torturing myself because the buttons and settings aren’t made easy to users like me. They’re far too sophisticated compared to Blogger. And their templates aren’t eye-pampering enough in my opinion. I still prefer Blogger. They don’t have the sharing buttons too; the buttons the users can use to share our posts to different social networks. I’d need to install some plugins. Blogger can save me from these troubles. You can see I’m just lazy. However, I love WordPress’s dashboard. They have a good and systematic way of managing the blog, with everything displayed in order. I mean the posts, comments and so. In conclusion, I’ve wasted hours to explore WordPress and chose to stick with Blogger.

At least I know HOW to use WordPress.


I read back the poems I wrote ages ago. They sound not extremely wonderful, but good enough. But when I want to write a new poem, I feel that I’ve lost this talent. I've forgotten how. I haven’t been practicing enough. I forced myself to pen down something. It doesn’t feel right at all. I’ve wasted so much time. Sometimes I was thinking what the hell I am doing. Crushing my future? Whatever I do seems like a waste. Or am I making it a waste?


Beatboxing is a less common culture in Malaysia. However, it is very well known to us. I mean, to the Form 4 students in St Mary Secondary Girl School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Should I be more precise? LOL… It first started this way, Pei Teng has seen the glory of Shaun, an acquaintance of hers, performing his talent of beatboxing. It attracted Pei Teng very much indeed. Then, she started exploring the secrets of the art, the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds.

She practices what she knows, in school every day or just anywhere that she finds comfortable. And so, it spreads to her friends, which is where I’m included too. Soon, the whole Form 4 students know about the existence of beatbox art although they don’t know how to produce wonderful sounds with their mouth, yet. That’s why some are trying hard to master it. However, some think beatboxing is equivalent to noise pollution. And do you know what we’ll do? We’ll deliberately keep beatboxing in front of them… Muahahaha… Well, we aren’t that annoying.

“One of the modern singers and musicians who started to add his own sounds to his music was Michael Jackson in songs like Billie Jean, Tabloid Junkie, and Who Is It. Most of the time, he admitted that he needed a tape recorder to record this sound that came to his mind just to not forget them and around that base built the rest of the tune.”
Sourced from Wikipedia

See? Isn’t it amazing? Even the King of Pop beatboxed in the production of his music.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

In loving memory of Xin Xin, 1994 - 2010

Gazing at the sparkling stars
Trying to heal the hurtful scar
Mourning for the one who left
The one who died a painful death

A cracked, broken wishbone
And her soul too had flown
We’d grieve for her misfortune
For the girl is gone, much too soon

Rest in peace, you shall live in the hearts of those who loved you and 
will thus never die or be forgotten...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Public Speaking

Now I've accomplished a task. I've done my so-called public speaking in school right this morning. Well, it wasn't really anything like a real public speaking because I only needed to talk through the PA system and read from my prepared script. Nobody was going to stare straight at me while I was trying my very best to pronounce every word clearly and fluently, other than the students and teachers in-charged to hold our morning assembly.

For God's sake, I felt like my heart was beating out of my body although I wasn't doing it in front of any crowd but a few students and teachers. Adilla was the first to start, I was second while Jaice was the last to present. The topic was...uhmm...nothing more than "Reasons Why Am I Proud to be A Malaysian", since this month, we're going to celebrate our National Day. We were supposed to show how patriotic we were...LOL. But I guess, while we were "preaching", not many people were paying attention. (Because even me myself doesn't pay attention to such talks.)

Almost everyone said my voice sounded like a baby through the microphone and my heavy breath sounded like I was beatboxing. That's...err...ridiculous? A baby doesn't do public speaking...LOL. Anyway, it was a good thing I wasn't badly criticized, or praised either.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Why Am I Proud To Be A Malaysian?

Here's my speech. I've finally prepared it. But, whether I am going to present it or not, that's another story. Have a peep. (Sorry, some are plagiarized from other sources, hehe...) Drum rolls please...

Our National Day is just around the corner. Have you ever asked yourself why should you be proud of being a Malaysian? Well, needless to say, I am here to share with you on reasons why I am proud to be a Malaysian. So, listen up.

First, we have our national language, Bahasa Malaysia. It is a language – a significant aspect of a nation – that we all learn. It is a language that, we all use to communicate in government offices, in the courts, in mamak shops, in classrooms, in the villages, on television and over radio airwaves. Most importantly, it is a language that ties all Malaysians together and makes us one big family.

Second, the Petronas Twin Towers. Once the tallest building in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers continues to look splendid every night. The skybridge, which is the highest point of the building that a tourist can go to (with a fee, of course) is wonderful to be in and there are indeed plenty of sights to see. Of course, since it has been featured in a movie, it gains extra points too. Also, it is probably one of the few famous buildings that have never been successfully scaled by our modern day spiderman, Alain Robert.

Third, I am proud of our cultural heritage as well. Diversity is beautiful. And if each culture had a distinct colour, Malaysia will be white. Not because it has only one colour, but it has all the colours mixed together that it becomes white. Yet, we can still dissect the ‘white’ and look at its colours. Each and every one of them, in their different shades and hues. We are rich in culture. And it is good.

Next, we have all the peace and stability we need in here, Malaysia. People might have been mugged right outside my house and tried to steal my shoes. Nevertheless, the country has been relatively peaceful. That’s one reason why I love staying here. True, we need to be careful. But we don’t have to tote guns along with us either.

However, the major reason is I am a Malaysian. This is where I was born. God put me here. For one aim: to serve and love this State. The fact that I am here is to love my home too. So I shall.

In short, we have a lot to be proud of. Remember, 1 Malaysia, Generates Transformation; 1 Malaysia, Menjana Transformasi.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


事情结束了。对方也不会再为对方流泪。可是这并不代表我们会和好如初,若无其事地做回好朋友。这样的事可以发生一次,也可以再发生第二次,或是第三次。现在并不是辩论谁对谁错,不愉快的事还是会再发生。我不会再信任任何人,因为这世上根本就没有人是可以一百巴仙信任的。一个人可能这一分钟和你说笑,下一分钟就讲你是非。我不会再好像从前,以为只要有爱,所有问题都能被解决。人根本就是现实的。她说当我毫不犹豫地在面子书分享那侮辱她的状态后 ,我们的友谊已经是被画上句点。我接受。如果现在她说是我一直在避开她,我也接受。是我的错,我决定了,我不会挽回。就算我多么违背自己的良心,我还是一样,不挽回。藐视我,歧视我,我是一个自私的人。说别的,我妈可以无数次地诬赖我,任何其他人也可以。当我哭泣时,她对我说:“别以为你很可怜!”我不会,我再也不会。就算是,我会尽力去隐藏。别误会,我并不是说SK诬赖我,没这个意思。现在,我只相信我自己,没有人会对我好,除了我自己,就我自己。

A Sketch Practice?

I have to stay back at school till 4 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until the performance on the Independence Day's celebration in our school because I'm involved in a sketch. You know, about the history of how we got the independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule.
We had fun on our very first practice. Well, it wasn't really a practise though, we just went through the script. I laughed so much that I even thought I was insane. Chang Sin entertained us by imitating our teachers by requests. She mimicked Puan Lee, Miss Wong and even our principal Miss Goh in speech, gesture and expression. She was meant for that, I must say. No one else could do that better. We were truly amused even though ridiculing teachers in such way was no good.

Nareen, the one who planned everything for us, kept making mistakes in her speech. Something like, "tak payah pakai apa-apa". We were overcome by laughter and were questioning "no need to wear anything?" as if we didn't know she made a mistake. She actually wanted to say there's no need to wear anything special and grand, a T-shirt and a track bottom will do. The ambiguity in that sentence. Haha...