Monday, November 14, 2011

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia :O

The first day of SPM, the official start of infinite anxiety and studying. We were in the battlefield, i.e. the Bishop Ferguson Hall (just to mention the grand-sounding name again in case you haven't checked my previous post already). The first paper which was the Malay Language Paper 1 (essay writing) was rather merciful to me. Yesterday's midnight oil was definitely burnt for worthy reason, it kind of saved my life. =) Sadly Paper 2 was a killer. Whatever I had spent hours studying just didn't appear in the question paper. :O Blame myself for relying too much on the inaccurate forecast question.

Anyway, it's over. Thinking positively, one is down, nine more papers to go. =P

Screw You

I simply hate it when she screams at me for nothing, when it's utterly unnecessary. I don't care if she's drunk. So what, if you're drunk, go get a sleep or regain your consciousness. Whenever she yells at me, she is reminding me of how she had wrongly accused me of nothing I'd done, for the umpteenth times. The look on her face. I still remember how she seemed perfectly sure that I turned my back on her when I didn't for the love of God. And she's putting me on the edge of anxiety breakdown. But the sorrow is not strong enough to drag me into the turbulent torrents of tears. She just makes me frown, as if tears are going to stream down my cheeks anytime but will never. I'm so tired of her leaving the strained look on my face. It's so bloody stupid.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One Week Left Before I Die! (not literally, of course)

I've been in St Mary Secondary Girl School for nearly five years. After one more month, I am no longer a St Marian, but an EX St Marian. How that single extra word can actually make a difference. You know right. Leaving school and then be lost in the cruel outside world that might chill the bone out of innocent teenagers like us, yet hidden with so much possibilities and opportunities. *sigh*

In that seemingly short but torturous month, the fifth formers have to sit for the much important examination, i.e. SPM in the Bishop Ferguson Hall, which is basically a small hall that can fit 1000 over students, provided that all of them place their butts on the parquet floor, and not in those comfortable cushioned chairs that eat up plenty of space, and money too. Bishop Ferguson was the one who suggested founding this school at 1912. That's like 99 years ago. Okay, get back to the topic. Exams... Ugh.... Throughout this year, we've sat for tonnes of exams and tests. First, there was Intervention. Then, Mid Year Exam. Diagnosis. Intervention II. SPM Trial. Now the real thing is coming. And what? I'm only six days away from SPM.

Honestly, I don't feel excited, scared, sad or whatever I should be feeling right now. I mean, it's only SPM. After a few years, my SPM result slip will be another piece of useless trash. Degree, Master or Ph.D. are more promising. I know I should strive for excellence in the present and I'm drifting rather far, giving myself excuses to not work for it. The art of procrastination, you will try to create whatever reason that sounds reasonable and trick yourself into believing that it's only right that you screw off.

Wake up!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Time For Change

Words of anger shot through my ears
Shocked and afraid a head would rear
Her face was grim, her stare could kill
I wished I could sugar the pill

This time, her heart beat no sympathy
Strongly, a slap landed on my face
"I am sorry" did no trick to thee
How I wished her wrath I could erase

Her look, her words and the ambience said
It was me who had forgotten the faith
I made her weep and it shall be paid
It was my fault for having misbehaved

I know well, it's time for change.

Written on June 7, 2010

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Other Truth

During the two-weeks holiday when I was supposed to be studying like a good teenager, I watched some Hong Kong drama instead. Now I introduce to you *drum rolls*

The Other Truth

Ruco Chan looks especially charming in this drama. He plays the role of Keith Lau, a lawyer full with sense of justice. And he's really cool. I mean, really. Mysterious when required. Sour when required. Hateful when required. Watch his eyes dart about as he speaks. Or when his tone changes ever so slightly. Or how his eyebrows gently twist to tell you he's not buying what the other guy is saying. The way he defeats all the villain in the story. Damn, I think this drama is just to melt ladies' hearts with his sexy (ew, sexy? but damn yeah...) character and bring him to fame and stardom. Okay, I'm not obsessed about him. He is just so cool. In the drama. I was really taken aback to know that he's already 34 years old. See how the actors and actresses can be brushed up to look so young and handsome and beautiful to blur the audience's eyes. But hey, I'm lovin' it. *evil laugh* Not forgetting Tavia who is also starring in this drama! But she's sort of over-promoted by TVB.

Tavia, such a beauty.
Ruco Chan, I like the bottom most second left pic.

Advertisement Time

Look, I'm advertising ShapeWorks product for free. lol

Lately, mom's been fueling me with some great-tasting vanilla shake. To put it correctly, it is actually nutritious mixed soy powder drink as the label reads. And it is high in protein and artificially vanilla flavoured. Yeah. Mom pours two heaping tablespoons of the powder, two heaping tablespoon of oats, 250ml of water and some fruits into the blender and needless to say, blend it. It's been helping my bowel. It is said that it is only available through Herbalife Independent Distributors. Good for losing weight too. Guys, have a try?

TRIAL AIN'T GONNA BRING ME DOWN. (Just see when I'll surrender T_T)

So, the spirit of SPM Trial Exam has been relived. We, the fifth formers have had our Malay Language paper today. For me, it wasn't that awful. It was rather easy because the night before, I was on Google, searching for samples of essays like crazy. But it turned out that 10 out of 10 essays I got online is IDENTICAL. I was like, seriously dude? Who is copying who now?

Anyway, that 10 essays, or shall I say, that ONE essay saved me from having to think about the points I should write. As I've sat for my Accounting and Malay Language paper, the burden on my shoulder certainly feels so much lighter. But HA... Just wait till I die when I'm to sit for the harder paper, like Biology? You should believe that I sleep during biology lesson. And I didn't bother to figure out what happened to Mendel and ovum or sperm after fertilization, oh whatever.

This brings me to studying 24/7 in front of the computer now, just so that I can go online. Then, feel guilty, read something. Lie on the floor. Subsequently falling asleep. Again, I'm seriously a procrastinator, not wanting to fail at the same time. (I think I never did. =X) Then the guilt comes and says, "HEY YOU'D BETTER READ!"

It's only the beginning of the trial exam, but I'm already excited to go for hangouts after the tormenting exams!

To all the fifth formers, break a leg!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Birthday 2011

I was trying my very best to do the exercise my accounting teacher had given us. It just so happened that after a few months, I couldn't seem to remember any way to do a bank reconciliation. I was in a desperate need to dissect my brain for the answer. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, hahaha... When I somehow figured out the way to solve the question, I went from a pool of frustration to a pool of relief and satisfaction. But when I looked at the next question, damn, I must've been brainwashed in the last second.

I stared at the unsolved problems and couldn't stop myself from frowning. Okay, at the least I've got some idea about it, I was so going to do this.... later. I tossed my head and took a glance at my Elle Studio watch. 20 minutes more to enjoying pizzas!

My birthday is on July 27, if you ever wanted to know. As far as I could recall, I haven't really celebrated my birthday with my friends, well yes, but not anywhere outside the school. My birthday was celebrated last year though it wasn't what I really favoured and wished for. But I know, I was appreciated and blessed compared to the unprivileged. Being grateful. LOL XD

So yeah, today was July 25, three days to my birthday and seven days to Pei Teng's birthday. Our friends must be preparing our mini birthday celebration while we were sitting in that classroom, having an accounting lesson in that atmosphere full of chatter.

Our birthday cake was a lovely fruit cake coated with yellow mango coating from Saint Heart if I'm not mistaken. The coating was rather sticky, almost like the cheese you see in Pizza Hut advertisement and someone described it as placenta, as if she's seen the real placenta. LOL Oh yeah, pizzas. They bought three regular-sized pizzas from Pizza Hut for about 10 of us, which was really abundant. I kept some for mom. XD Not forgetting mushroom soups ; so thick that I thought I might throw up after eating few slices of pizzas. Garlic bread ; splendid to be eaten after dipping it in the mushroom soup, heavenly. Chicken wings ; aww, I couldn't eat this, I'm a vegetarian, remember? Champagne ; everyone's favourite drink. And A&W beer ; the "beer" I used to drink when I was a kid.

I still remember how I stuffed Pei Teng's spectacles into the cake remain. MUAHAHA!!! Evil me. I was sure Pei Teng was surprised upon seeing her spectacles in cream. "Did you guys buy the wrong champagne? I doubt if the champagne contains alcohol," said Pei Teng while she smiled in disbelief. C'mon, just for fun. XP

Special thanks to Yvonne, Eng Jun, Vicky, Yap Xin, Yen Kei, Jye Chyi, Pei Teng and Jaice for your gifts.
Thank you everyone for organizing this wonderful birthday celebration.
Thank you for the joy and laughter.
Thank you for showing me you care when I don't look happy.
Thank you for tolerating my ignorance.
Thank you for walking into my life and staying with me as my friends till now.

I love you all dearly. ♥

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Desire For Acceptance =)

Most people desire for acceptance, I mean, who don't? It was a cloudy Tuesday, the first school day in this week. We were in the hall after 20 minutes of recess, seated on the rather dusty wooden floor for some sort of speeches by speakers from Help University about ICT. We were not even a tad interested in the subject.

I heard a voice that seemed so distant, almost as if echoing in my head. "Who is this?" My subconscious mind told me the voice belonged to Nareen, the head prefect of our school. A friend of mine uttered my name in answer to the question. I guess the way I tilted my head towards the ground disguised my face.

"No wonder." I was certain this meant some sarcasm. So, I was labelled "a girl who would certainly sleep during talks". Apparently, sleeping during a speech wasn't the most brilliant thing to do. As my friends mouthed my name again (this time, it sounded like some vocal harmony version of my name), trying to wake me up, I recovered from the unintentional shuteye and regained my vision.

I endured the rest of the speech just staring straight into the slide presentation. Okay, I did pay heed to the presenter, but not all the time.

So yeah, most people desire for acceptance. I said something to a, um, sensitive friend of mine. I'm not sure if "sensitive" is the right word to put it. But, err, I admit my tonality didn't have a trace of kindness in it. She turned away with a certainly misleading look, the look that portrayed unsatisfactory on the conversation we had just now. To make matters worse, I discussed about it with some others friends in the classroom and it so happened that she was eavesdropping when she wanted to pass something to someone. (Well, let's not involve too much names in here.)

I wasn't accusing her at any degree. I, like any human, also long for acceptance. That could be the only reason why I was telling my other friends about it. I was afraid that she might have some hard feeling on this, which was a trivial matter that actually didn't need our attention at all. So, she heard me saying about her seemingly uninviting expression and apologized for it.

You see, how a small, teeny tiny matter could cause problems. It is all because we yearn for acceptance. We are afraid we do something wrong and the person is gonna hate us or something. I talked to my friends because of this reason. She, too, apologized for the same reason. Assuming I was right, shouldn't we slow down and have a break? And realize that it's really nothing big. Undoubtedly, we're still friends the way we were, or we can even be stronger. Point made. 'Nuff said.

Have a break, have a kit kat.

Monday, June 6, 2011

What Are Words: Chris Medina

It was a quarter after one. (Quoting Need You Now by Lady Antebellum =P) and I was not asleep yet. You see how insomnia could accompany me during holiday. Except that my situation wouldn't last for a month like how it would to a normal insomnia victim.

For some reason, my mind wouldn’t go to sleep when I decided it was time to. I was lying on the sponge mattress placed on the tiled white floor. The normally sluggish computer was playing the theme song of 2010 FIFA World Cup, Waving Flag by K'naan softly. Covered in my blanket, or shall I say, my brother's blanket, I decided to get up and do something else instead. Um, like, going online.

So, I was on Facebook chatting with a friend of mine. He introduced a song to me and insisted that I should blog about it after trying it. I wasn't in my pyjamas, well, I didn't have any. I was in a checkered buttoned red shirt and a pair of shorts, sitting on a ruddy stackable chair with my head 40cm from the 16-inches monitor (too much too much precision lol). I wasn't really reluctant but was just a little curious. Since it was only the beginning of the month, my internet usage hadn't reached the limit of 3GB as set by Maxis Broadband. It sucked, really. I then clicked on the link he gave me. Ah yes, it began loading as fast as it could, but I still had to wait for a minute or two.

The SonicGear speakers started playing the first few bars of the song, What Are Words by Chris Medina. It was piano. It was a little sad but sweet, and beautiful enough to get me carry on listening. The magic the piano could do. The rest of the song surely did hold me spellbound. His strong voice was awesome, powerful without being jarring and clear enough for me to catch most of the lyrics. Meaningful. After knowing his sob story, the reason of this song, I was certain that anyone who had flesh and blood would love this ballad, for it was touching and tear-jerking.

Chris Medina was a guy who touched everyone's heart and possibly made us shed a little tear with his heartbreaking love story. His girlfriend, or you would say, fiancee currently suffers from brain injury due to a car accident just a shy before a wedding day. Inspired in his AI story, this song was written by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins. He was saved for last on the show. The American Idol staffs were so touched by Chris that they tweeted a message calling him "one in a billion". He was even asked by the judges to meet his fiancee, Julianna immediately. Now, have a peek at the lyrics. P/S: I do not own it.


Anywhere you are, I am near
Anywhere you go, I'll be there
Anytime you whisper my name, you'll see
How every single promise I keep
Cuz what kind of guy would I be
If I was to leave when you need me most

What are words
If you really don't mean them
When you say them
What are words
If they're only for good times
Then they don't
When it's love
Yeah, you say them out loud
Those words, They never go away
They live on, even when we're gone

And I know an angel was sent just for me
And I know I'm meant to be where I am
And I'm gonna be
Standing right beside her tonight
And I'm gonna be by your side
I would never leave when she needs me most

What are words
If you really don't mean them
When you say them
What are words
If they're only for good times
Then they don't
When it's love
Yeah, you say them out loud
Those words, They never go away
They live on, even when we're gone

Anywhere you are, I am near
Anywhere you go, I'll be there
And I'm gonna be here forever more
Every single promise I keep
Cuz what kind of guy would I be
If I was to leave when you need me most

I'm forever keeping my angel close


See? Love is the most beautiful thing on earth. And may Julianna get well soon, with the love from her fiance. Do try to enjoy this even though it's not your favourite sort of song. It's the meaning of it that makes it so special and appreciable. Here you go, What Are Words by Chris Medina.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Walk of Holidays

You'd probably see me reading the book Being Nikki, in these few days. It'd been so long I didn't read a single book, um, I mean, novel. I sat the whole day to read the book until my neck felt sour and stiff. If I was to read in bed, I'd go from sitting with perfectly correct posture to lying like I was going to sleep. Except that I wasn't. Too absorbed in the story, you see. I'd finished reading anyway.

By the way, it was good to know there were two different Michael Jackson on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So, people, how's your walk of holiday going? Peace!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Being Nikki

It was really bad to learn that my body couldn't take any food or beverages that were.... cold, or slightly below my body's temperature. Ugh... You could guess what a few pieces of breads with butter spread could do to me. It was making my head ache like, you know, crazy.

On that normal schooling Thursday morning before our two-weeks holidays had started, I found a storybook with maroon hard cover laying on one of those light yellow and brown canteen tables as I walked into the school. I removed my bag from my shoulder and let it rest on the bench. I saw my right hand reaching for the one-inch-thick book. I ran my fingers over the uneven surface. It read "Being Nikki". It was a novel written by Meg Cabot, the author of The Princess Diaries, later made by Walt Disney Pictures into two feature films, if you don't know.

Apparently, someone had left it there the day before. I mean, what else? I opened the book with care, careful enough to not damage the book in any way, since it was not mine. Then, I began reading it. It was a story about, a girl named Em Watts had undergone a brain transplant and she was then in Nikki Howard, a supermodel's body. All about how she moved on with her new life while her every move was spied by her boss, Robert Stark, the one who gave Em Watts brain transplant, but a villain.

So, I'm gonna report this to the lost and found after the holiday, meaning after I'm done reading this whole book. To the owner of this book, thanks and no worry, you're getting it back later in perfect condition. Evil me anyway.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm so lame.

Wee, I'm done with my Accounting folio. The next day after my classes, I'll have to rush to the shop opposite my school to print it out. Then, run back *I might need to gallop like a horse, to be fast enough. Hahahaha...* to Puan Nor's office to hand her my hard work just as she has demanded. Money again. I have a perfectly functioning printer but its software just cannot be installed correctly in my computer. I'll be in a state of extreme poverty soon.

Perhaps reading the pointless PJK is the best thing to do right now, to save myself from guilt of letting myself soar in pain due to inability to answer the questions or guilt of letting my creativity flow and create my very own PJK theory. Imagining results with flying colors but with one ugly remark is horrifying. I want my beautiful result slip decorated with As. Oh fine, even if PJK is not in the result slip, I'm gonna read it.

Can I say something? Actually, I don't feel like reading anymore. Excuse my lameness.

Sayonara, Nightmare!

The horrible nightmare, or shall I say, the all-for-our-own-good exams are finally over, for the time being. We have more important papers to sit for this year. You know, SPM. I can finally bid the eye bags, eye dark circles and tired, lifeless look goodbye! Oh wait, most of us have one more paper to go tomorrow, i.e. PJK a.k.a. Health Education paper. But, no one really cares about that because it is just simply pointless. To those who are sitting for Literature In English paper and Chinese Language paper, too bad, your nightmare is longer than ours. *evil* Same to students from other schools that arranged their exams much later than our school did. Ganbatte and good luck to you guys anyway.

I made A LOT, honestly and seriously I'm telling you, HELL LOTS of mistakes I shouldn't have made. It is just like you know the perfect answer to solve the question but you simply wanna dream and not open your eyes big to read and understand what they are really asking for. But I know that kind of I-should-have-scored-higher-it's-only-the-stupid-mistakes-I've-made thinking is not gonna help in any way. Now I just can't wait to get my result! I'm putting high expectation on my Malay Language paper. Additional Mathematics and Mathematics too. Please, please, let my wish be realized.

Even though we're not gonna read anything for PJK paper, but isn't it too cruel of Puan Nor to have us doing our Accounting folio today and have us pass it up tomorrow? So you see, I have to rush now.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I don't wanna die, yet.

Gosh! The hanging nail almost cut my wrist and killed me! I was trying to reach for a book across the racks and the nail just did the magic and scaped off my skin. Never mind, they are only DEAD skin, or else, I'm already dead by now. (How does it feel to have my wrist cut then? No no, vanish the thought.) Evil pointed nail. *Aren't all nails pointed?* I've been extremely EMO today. You know I don't mean European Music Office. LOL My mood fluctuates much and my mind was flooded with whole bunch of negative thoughts these few days due to some unpleasant happenings. Writing this post meaning I'm already fine, well, quite. I'm eliminating my stress by being hyperactive and insane in some ways. I'm so sorry if I've made anyone mad or sad because of my stupid, unexplainable and foolish acts recently. Look at my glossy eyes, pleading for forgiveness. “There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.” I know you guys love me much. Hahaha...

I'm afraid.

I'm afraid to miss anything beautiful.
I'm afraid no one will remember me.
I'm afraid I'm just not that important.
I'm afraid what I want to do is just plainly pointless.
I'm afraid there's too much pain to take.
I'm afraid my friends will be sad although I don't think my disappearance will make any difference.
I'm afraid he won't learn to live and go on with his life.
I'm afraid I'm too sinned to leave so early.
I'm afraid God won't forgive me.
I'm afraid of the life after death.
I'm afraid, I really am, now I'm stuck in the middle, I can't leave or stay, for I have no value.


Her mind was loaded with wrath
Her words were hurtful
For once her heart was pared
But she never knew when
She will succumb to darkness
Living in an agony of remorse
For she has no purpose on Earth
And her life is in disgust.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

HELP University College

The dawn was already breaking when we reached there. I was sitting in the backseat on the grey car cushion. Through the windows, I surveyed the surrounding to see if anyone had made an early arrival like I had. No. No one, which was not very surprising. While waiting for the daylight to grow, my mom and I decided to have our breakfast at a restaurant just nearby my school. Yes, it was a Saturday morning and I was to go to school. Those who had signed up for a ICT workshop that was going to be held at HELP University College were to gather at the school before going to the college by bus. Well, which means I was one of the "enthusiastic" students who actually bothered to sign up for this supposed-to-be-thrilling workshop. Hahaha...

Pei Teng, Yen Kei and I were taken aback upon knowing that every teachers of our school were joining us, including our principal, Miss Goh. I was like, damn she's gonna give me a lecture about my fringe again. Time to be obedient. Before she started to say a thing, I quickly pinned them up. My forehead could shine.

Speaking of the workshop, we were divided into two groups. One about photo editing, the Picasa program. I have it in my computer ages agooooo. Needless to say, I'd already known how to operate Picasa as well. Another about Scratch, a program you can use to create simple games (2nd session) or story telling video clips (1st session). We didn't have a choice to make but doomed to go for the Scratch workshop led by Miss Ng. Sorry to say, the first session was awfully boring. I felt like crucifying myself so that I could get out of there. Well, ignore the exaggeration. I walked around to ensure I wouldn't fall asleep. But, whenever anyone asked if the workshop was fun, we would fake a smile and say yeah it was great. Then, turn away and laugh. The second session after the tea break was better, at least not so mind-numbing. I thought they should be teaching us something like basic programming language. It failed my expectation. But, never mind. At the least, we got the chance to visit HELP University College. With awesome facilities and nice food. And I sneezed right after imbibing the cold refreshing orange juice.

Yen Kei: After the exams when I am free, I wanna cook spaghetti for ya.
Ning Jie: OK, why not?
Yen Kei: And add some meat. It's gonna taste so great.
Ning Jie: ... evil you.

She knew I am a vegetarian. What a joke.

Anyway, Yen Kei's mom sent me home. I met her six-year-old younger brother again. So cute!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Birthday season: Again!

Look, Yvonne is going to receive her birthday present i.e. Xperia X10 mini pro from her boyfriend. So, is it an electrical string that ties them both together? Well, undoubtedly yes. But the main point should be, the material satisfaction. LOL Sony Ericsson Xperia family series is everywhere now. Smartphones is getting more and more popular. Yvonne must so so so so delighted deep down in her heart while laughing behind us with some sense of evil.

Now, it seems like everyone's birthday is around the corner! Birthday season among my friends again. Ahh, my wallet is going to bleed, pleading the birthday presents I'm about to buy are not going to cost me an arm or an leg. But it's all for love. ♥ My birthday, well, still has a long way to go. It's on the 27th of July but I'm already promised with quite a number of stuffs, making me wanna say, no one knows I'll be so much happier if everything comes in as a surprise? LOL A guitar, a cupipi, a cupido and a domo... (I'm so lucky! *shy*) What else will be my possesion? Don't fret if you can't get cheap and nice presents for me, get an expensive and superbly nice one. HAHAHA! Just kidding. Cheers!

I want...
I want.......
I wantttttttttt a copy of Michael Jackson's autobiography!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mercy, please...

The competition was over at April 27, 2011. I am talking about the Career Sketch Competition organized by the National Council of Counseling Teachers in conjunction with Career Counseling Carnival. Our team was the 1st runner-up at zone level. I had been busy with the sketch in the last two months. You know, with frequent staying in school yet missing important classes, not being able to rush back to my sweet home straight after school for at least twice a week. We needed practice. Even though I was only the seemingly unimportant crew, I was not excused from getting rid of home. We performed our sketch on the topic of seismology, which can be defined as the scientific study of earthquakes and the propagation of elastic waves through the Earth or through other planet-like bodies.

So, it was Monday again. I was busy fixing the chemistry facts in my mind as all the Form 5 students were going to sit for the chemistry and biology paper very soon after the assembly. I dragged my feet in line with my classmates towards the hall but with my head buried in the reference book contained in torn wrapper. My name was called and I walked up to the stage to receive the certificate of appreciation for my participation in the competition from the one of the school trustees, Madam Chang. Vanity sated but the brutal war was still going on. Not with pernicious weapons but books, papers and pens. It's examination war. Mercy, please...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Moving On

The night is still young. I hear the rhythm of the rain, like a melody it falls. Mother Nature is tidying up and dusting the world again. The branches of the trees are swaying joyously despite the showering dove-grey clouds. The rainwater taps on my roof in a steady beat like a reminder, warning me that not much time is left to complete my unfinished tasks of the sedentary day. Triggered by a sudden feeling of intense determination, I pull my lazy body off the comfortable queen sized bed, contained in a checkered ruddy and white bed sheet. I stand still on the icy ceramic tiles for a second or two, picturing the next thing I should do. There I go, turning on the electro-pop music and moving on to the end of the day.

Damn! The HUGE BROWN cockroach is flying here and there as I am typing! Scary, eerie creature. T_T

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's the man again.

My liking for Michael Jackson has never achromatized, despite it has been approximately two years he is gone. His music, either poetic or depriving of purpose, can always relight my spiritless moment and hold me spellbound with its divinity.


Kemalasan hanya akan mengusung manusia ke tebing kegagalan. Izharnya, ini merupakan satu kenyataan yang tidak dapat dinafikan oleh sesiapa pun. Namun, berapakan insan di dunia ini yang rela membebaskan diri daripada jangkitan kemalasan? Dalam mengharungi arus globalisasi ini, masih terdapat ramai individu yang membenarkan kemalasan, yakni virus perosak mudarat kepada peribadi untuk meruntuhkan kewibawaan diri dan menjatuhkan kemuliaan mereka. Adakan anda terbelenggu dalam kemalasan yang mampu menggugah kebejatan sosial seperti mereka? Kalau ya, adakah anda telah bersedia mengubati penyakit yang telah sekian lama memendamkan niat anda untuk menjauhi kelalaian dan kelembaman? Tepuk dada tanyalah selera.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


YES! Believe it or not, today's paper was quite easy to me. But, easy is not synonymous to able to score well. Hopefully I will achieve an A+ for this subject, Malay Language. It is now all by God's grace, I had paid my last-minute effort. Getting A+ for Malay Language paper was once impossible. I used to get like... B? It seemed that reading Malay essays from the magazine, Fokus SPM really helped me much. I was quite excited and satisfied after I had finished the paper. But, butterflies came. I'm still worried. I created some proverbs of my own in answer to some questions.

Nerves and butterflies are fine - they're a physical sign that you're mentally ready and eager.  You have to get the butterflies to fly in formation, that's the trick. -Steve Bull-

Monday, May 9, 2011

Erm, what's this?

The sun was not blazing after school. With a black and grey backpack carried on my back and secured with two straps over my shoulder, I left the green school gate and began ambling to Selayang Mall, heading to the post office located in the highest floor. I was about to send my evidence of educational expenses to Sunrise Education Foundation, by courier service, so that they can disburse the next payment of scholarship worth RM1250 to me. *evil*

Sadly, I had to wait for 1 hour and 15 minutes until my turn came. What a whole long tedious period of waiting! This showed how "efficient" they were, don't you think? Initially, I decided to read Reader's Digest to kill time but I eventually fell asleep, ignoring the possibility of being watched which was supposed to feel weird but meh, didn't give any shyt. I hadn't been getting enough sleep lately. And so had I a 15-minute long nap, hugging my bag, seated on a red, comfy but backless sofa, in that small air-conditioned post office.

Then granted with another exercising chance, I got to walk home. And yeah, on my way home, the sun was not kind enough to shroud himself in the clouds. But he must have been kind to people drying their wet clothes. Way to go.

Time to revise for my Malay Language examination tomorrow. Ciao~

Saturday, February 5, 2011



Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011

The sky had been pouring. I guess many were worried if we are going to have a cold and freezing Chinese New Year. Luckily, just this morning, the sun had begun to shine through the clouds, restoring the warmth we should have on a CNY’s eve. This must be a huge relief to many mothers; their musty clothes that had been hanging on the clothesline in the last few rainy days are finally drying.

Sunny Day!

So tonight is the night, where parted family members will gather in a round table, to enjoy the gourmet food (or just bread and water) and to fill the void created when, the family members were not around by a simple embrace or a small talk. We shall go steps by little steps, walking into a merry reunion.

Let's go!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Monday, January 31, 2011


Uh oh, I’ve unexploited another day. Anyway, I’ve got something in return. I saw how cute kids are! Awwwww… my mom and I went to visit my niece this evening. She’s just about… Erm, wait. She’s born in the year when the last Olympic Games were organized in Beijing, China in 2008. I believe you’re able to count her age. Jade, the brunette little girl has a little bloated stomach, a pair of relatively big eyes, chubby cheeks, shoulder-length hair and fair complexion. She is just so heart-melting and endearing, especially when she runs all over the house or even when she slurs her words. Well, I guess being small is being cute. But, I didn’t know she’d greet us with the “scent” of her product of defecation when we reached her house.

Little Cute Jade

Mommy   : Did you just pass motion?
Jade        : Yeah.
Mommy   : Why didn’t you go shit at the toilet?
Jade        : Napkin.

She still uses diapers. Ah, it’s time to potty-train Jade.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Michael Jackson

My school homework: A person who has a great influence in my life

It was his iconic dance moves that grabbed my attention. His music video for his song named Beat It was screening on the television. At that moment, I had no idea what the song could probably mean, I didn't even know what he was singing. But there was no doubt that the song was so catchy that I stopped my work and sat in front of the television instead, until my eyes were sated with amazement, watching one of his greatest work of all time. I bet you could tell who the man I was describing is. Yes, I mean Michael Jackson, an American musician and entertainer who spent over forty years in the public eye.

Beat It!

I heard no news of him, not even a single one, until he was dead of a cardiac arrest. Perhaps it was because I didn't really check on the gossips about the artistes. I wondered why his death could cause such deep agony to people around the globe. From the TV screen and newspaper, what could be seen was countless fans of his were crying and wailing in sadness, knowing him, the King of Pop was gone. After watching the music video that contributed to his success in his career, my curiosity lured me to checking him out.

I was taken aback, exploring the story of his life, though not personally. But he, indirectly, has certainly influenced me in so many ways that I could never imagine.

Even though he had known stardom from an early age, he was always humble and down-to-earth. He could have lived a luxurious life without having to worry about the world problems since he had enough money to finance whatever whim he fancied. But he didn't do that. Instead, he voiced out for the victims of police brutality, helped the unprivileged children, combated AIDS, supported numerous charitable organizations and left us with an important message, that is, to heal the world. And this made him nothing short of a noble person.

Michael Jackson, receiving Good Scout Humanitarian Award.

Through his humanitarian effort and his singing that ranged across global issues, he opened my mind. He taught me to keep the faith even though he himself had lost all trust due to his abused childhood. He taught me to cherish the earth and save it for our future generation. He taught me to turn swords into ploughshares. I learned so much from him. His contribution to the world cannot be measured, not only in his effort to make the world a better place, but to the musical industry as well.

He helped the less fortunate throughout his life.

Many people choose to remember him as the surgical-mask-wearing eccentric, the father who dangled his child over a balcony or the man said to have bought the bones of Elephant Man. But I’d rather remember him as a talented, brilliant and honorable man with a child’s heart. He deserved the respect the media didn’t give to him. I have never met him personally but I feel truly blessed to have known him and to have let him influence me to help in accomplishing his mission, or shall I say, our mission, heal the world.