Monday, January 31, 2011


Uh oh, I’ve unexploited another day. Anyway, I’ve got something in return. I saw how cute kids are! Awwwww… my mom and I went to visit my niece this evening. She’s just about… Erm, wait. She’s born in the year when the last Olympic Games were organized in Beijing, China in 2008. I believe you’re able to count her age. Jade, the brunette little girl has a little bloated stomach, a pair of relatively big eyes, chubby cheeks, shoulder-length hair and fair complexion. She is just so heart-melting and endearing, especially when she runs all over the house or even when she slurs her words. Well, I guess being small is being cute. But, I didn’t know she’d greet us with the “scent” of her product of defecation when we reached her house.

Little Cute Jade

Mommy   : Did you just pass motion?
Jade        : Yeah.
Mommy   : Why didn’t you go shit at the toilet?
Jade        : Napkin.

She still uses diapers. Ah, it’s time to potty-train Jade.

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