Monday, September 20, 2010

The Dreams are Yours and Mine

I want no weapon or gunfire
Everyone to live without fear
No one to suffer in hunger
Smile shines on the youngsters
When his colour doesn't matter
And we live as sisters and brothers

Have you ever thought of
Seeing the world in one again
Have you ever thought of
The ones who live in vain?

Now we're just lost in there
Thinking there's no way out
But we must know someone cares
And they need us to clear our doubt

We can heal the dread and sorrow
Get to a place with brighter tomorrow
A start and a helping hand
Can save this ravaged land

The dreams are yours and mine
Of something so beautiful and divine
With our spirit we shall rise
And make everything alright

A magnanimous heart
Giving his bestest effort
If you just give your trust
You can heal pain with your love

No war and no fight
The dreams are yours and mine~

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Questions Without Answers

I didn't act like I care. I didn't show that I hated this world so much because I thought that there is still something called hope. Why are they lying to me, breaking one promise after another? Hope sprouted and died. This has repeated over and over again. I am tired of it. I am so sick of it. It might be nothing to them, but they didn't realize how deep it could hurt. I can't take it anymore. But as I was saying this, the fact that I have to go on cannot be denied. A painful truth it is.

Puan Lim said that friends are not for forever. I totally disagreed with this. But now, it seems that slowly, I have accepted this fact. They didn't know how they have let me down. At the same time, the bible stated that a real friend is closer than a brother. I am confused. Why are they implanting different thoughts into my mind? Why do I feel like I am controlled by this awful world that was once beautiful? I've been shedding tears, crying more often than ever. But nobody knows, they just can't see it. Or they'll say that's because I'm keeping everything inside. And so, everyone thinks they have the point, and they win. They'd be right, I'd be wrong.

If I failed to hide from them when I cry, they would ask why. I didn't want to answer because I know that if I confess to them, they would say I am childish, that I am being upset for trivial matters. They didn't care how it exactly feels. They see things only through their eyes, and never try to see from another angle.

Nothing is real. Liars are everywhere. No one cares. Perhaps leaving is the best solution, but I have not the courage. God took it away. Will you please, with Your wisdom, and tell me that all these will end?

I hate injustice.
I hate fake promises.

Do me a favour. Don't let me hate you.

I miss Michael Jackson. Only he can heal my sorrow even though he's an angel that I've never met.