Monday, September 20, 2010

The Dreams are Yours and Mine

I want no weapon or gunfire
Everyone to live without fear
No one to suffer in hunger
Smile shines on the youngsters
When his colour doesn't matter
And we live as sisters and brothers

Have you ever thought of
Seeing the world in one again
Have you ever thought of
The ones who live in vain?

Now we're just lost in there
Thinking there's no way out
But we must know someone cares
And they need us to clear our doubt

We can heal the dread and sorrow
Get to a place with brighter tomorrow
A start and a helping hand
Can save this ravaged land

The dreams are yours and mine
Of something so beautiful and divine
With our spirit we shall rise
And make everything alright

A magnanimous heart
Giving his bestest effort
If you just give your trust
You can heal pain with your love

No war and no fight
The dreams are yours and mine~

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