Sunday, April 22, 2012


Wee... I've received my salary today. RM120 for three days of work at a restaurant of my friend's parents i.e. Restaurant JK. It provides Malaysian style food for tourists of group tours from China. I only needed to sit at the counter, collect money and vouchers, then peel potatoes and wipe dry the dishes after the tourists went off. I actually expected a higher pay because I was paid RM50 the other day. Depreciation. But since those weren't really difficult or tedious work and they were being kind to let me work when they didn't need much help, I dared not ask for more. Now I'm thinking of ways to continue making money. Seriously in desperate need of money. Money is bliss, believe me.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Stomach

Mom and sis went out for work. Bro was in school. Jade and Krystal were sent off to their nanny. So I was home alone again. It didn't mean total freedom. It meant cleaning up the house before everyone returns. Js was right. I'm so much like an Indonesian maid now. With my dark skin and the chores. No no, I don't mean I'm upset for that fact. I'm still staying happy and contented. =)

Eating is like something I would never stop doing. Like Caely (a blogger) said, she eats while doing something else 99% of the time. And that's me, too. I got myself some Chinese New Year cake (nian2 gao1 i.e. leftovers from CNY which was like months ago). I removed the cold, hard, brown CNY cake from the refrigerator and steamed it into hot, sticky ones for tea time. It tasted a little musty. But I don't think I'm getting stomachache. Still feeling fine. I have a cast iron stomach you know.

No man in the world has more courage than the man who can stop after eating one peanut
~Channing Pollock

Found this quote somewhere on the net. I lol-ed.

Speaking of food, mom is now making some sweet potato soup. Time to pamper my taste buds. =P


I really felt like swearing. Early in the morning, I heard mom tongue-lashing my brother for her missing keys. It kind of awakened me, um, not totally. I was half awakened and what I knew was coming came. She angrily pulled me from my sleep and shoved me into complete consciousness. So her action meant "You'd better wake up and look for the keys NOW" as if I was the one responsible for it. I knew it was coming because it wasn't the first time she wakes me up like that. Yeah, she was mad. I was fuuuuuuurious. I went to bed at like almost 5 in the morning. It was only 7.30 and she was waking me up for the sake of her missing keys? It's not like she had no copies. The best part was I couldn't go back to sleep. And I had found her damn keys for her. In that damn eco friendly reusable shopping bag. What a wonderful way to start a day. I need slumber...

Now she is looking a little sorry. Y U disturb my sleep? *sigh* I forgive you. =.=


Some people like to swear for nothing. And I could hardly understand why. Maybe they think it's actually cool. Let me tell you, SO NOT.

It's What You Call Long

1) Seems like most of my peers are heading for tertiary education. Many opted for Tunku Abdul Rahman college for, um, you know, fee waivers. SPM graduates with 9A's or above can actually be on a 100% fee waiver. They hardly have to pay at all other than registration fees etc that only cost for about more or less a thousand. Pay a thousand and you get your diploma. I'm all eligible for this stuff but too bad, my mom would never give me the green light. She's worried for that kind of what-if-the-fee-waiver-is-cancelled-when-you-failed-to-maintain-your-good-performance-in-college-and-I-have-to-pay problem.
Anyway, pursuing my studies in a secondary school is not a bad idea though. Before the real Form 6 classes actually start, I'm to attend tuition provided by some teachers from SMK Kepong Baru at the obvious, SMKKB. So that we could cope with the lessons better than the rest when the first semester has its kick start. We have to pay RM30 for 14 Chemistry lessons and 14 Maths lessons. I find both subjects very interesting and fun so far. These two have been my favourite subjects when I was still at the SPM level. Ah, it felt like heaven to refresh my brain with mathematics and chemistry again after I've wasted weeks at home, doing nothing productive.

Those who had been in contact with me would have known the above stories already since I was a little disappointed for what mom thought of me on the college stuff. Oh wait. A little? "Very much distraught" should be it.  Then, super excited for what maths looked like to me. So, I went around ranting to every victim I could find. Apparently, still ranting about it.

2) Moving on. My sister has moved back into my house a couple of days ago. I hated her. I really hated her so much that I wouldn't wanna see her face. The dismaying face. I've sort of buried the hatchet. Sort of. But still not talking much to her. I forgot to mention, she's back with her kids as well. So instead of attempting any small talk with her, I talk to her kids who are terribly arrogant, demanding and impolite at times, but hell they can be cute and lovely too.

3) I've seen an article on why Mr. X regrets getting 10A1 in the SPM examination. He talked about mediocre talents. I think that very much applies to me. Except that I didn't get 10A+ (equivalent to 10A1). I can't play any musical instrument. I don't play any sports. I don't have any impressive talents. Oh maybe I do have, it's buried.

4) Life in National Service was very systematic. I used to wake up at 5.30am (Xiao Ling was my human alarm), morning assembly and exercises at 6, breakfast at 7.20, classes at 8.20, morning tea time at 10.30, lunch at 12.30 etc. It was like that. Every single day. I remember when I was in the camp, I naively promised myself that I'd maintain this systematic and healthy lifestyle even after I'm out of the camp. Now that I'm out and free, I've ended up watching dramas and movies until 3 in the morning. Or stalking people on Facebook. Or... just... anything... stupid and unproductive. Stupid, but I'm still doing it. I think I need to reboot my sleep cycle.

5) Just watched Mr Popper's Penguins the movie. It's like one of those make-believes, awesome movie featuring kyeopta penguins causing mayhem at every stop! Kids especially would love it. Pitch perfect fun.

6) Facebook nowadays often reminds me of the past, luring me to look backwards. My friends in school, in National Service. The memories are already created, etched on my heart and could never be wiped off. Be it happy ones or heart-breaking ones. Those days were whole lots of fun with laughter and tears (of real agony of remorse). We used to see each other every day. Now it's super hard to just meet up for a day. Everyone is so busy with their own schedule. I reckon it's gonna be worse when we're out to work.