Monday, May 30, 2011

Walk of Holidays

You'd probably see me reading the book Being Nikki, in these few days. It'd been so long I didn't read a single book, um, I mean, novel. I sat the whole day to read the book until my neck felt sour and stiff. If I was to read in bed, I'd go from sitting with perfectly correct posture to lying like I was going to sleep. Except that I wasn't. Too absorbed in the story, you see. I'd finished reading anyway.

By the way, it was good to know there were two different Michael Jackson on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So, people, how's your walk of holiday going? Peace!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Being Nikki

It was really bad to learn that my body couldn't take any food or beverages that were.... cold, or slightly below my body's temperature. Ugh... You could guess what a few pieces of breads with butter spread could do to me. It was making my head ache like, you know, crazy.

On that normal schooling Thursday morning before our two-weeks holidays had started, I found a storybook with maroon hard cover laying on one of those light yellow and brown canteen tables as I walked into the school. I removed my bag from my shoulder and let it rest on the bench. I saw my right hand reaching for the one-inch-thick book. I ran my fingers over the uneven surface. It read "Being Nikki". It was a novel written by Meg Cabot, the author of The Princess Diaries, later made by Walt Disney Pictures into two feature films, if you don't know.

Apparently, someone had left it there the day before. I mean, what else? I opened the book with care, careful enough to not damage the book in any way, since it was not mine. Then, I began reading it. It was a story about, a girl named Em Watts had undergone a brain transplant and she was then in Nikki Howard, a supermodel's body. All about how she moved on with her new life while her every move was spied by her boss, Robert Stark, the one who gave Em Watts brain transplant, but a villain.

So, I'm gonna report this to the lost and found after the holiday, meaning after I'm done reading this whole book. To the owner of this book, thanks and no worry, you're getting it back later in perfect condition. Evil me anyway.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm so lame.

Wee, I'm done with my Accounting folio. The next day after my classes, I'll have to rush to the shop opposite my school to print it out. Then, run back *I might need to gallop like a horse, to be fast enough. Hahahaha...* to Puan Nor's office to hand her my hard work just as she has demanded. Money again. I have a perfectly functioning printer but its software just cannot be installed correctly in my computer. I'll be in a state of extreme poverty soon.

Perhaps reading the pointless PJK is the best thing to do right now, to save myself from guilt of letting myself soar in pain due to inability to answer the questions or guilt of letting my creativity flow and create my very own PJK theory. Imagining results with flying colors but with one ugly remark is horrifying. I want my beautiful result slip decorated with As. Oh fine, even if PJK is not in the result slip, I'm gonna read it.

Can I say something? Actually, I don't feel like reading anymore. Excuse my lameness.

Sayonara, Nightmare!

The horrible nightmare, or shall I say, the all-for-our-own-good exams are finally over, for the time being. We have more important papers to sit for this year. You know, SPM. I can finally bid the eye bags, eye dark circles and tired, lifeless look goodbye! Oh wait, most of us have one more paper to go tomorrow, i.e. PJK a.k.a. Health Education paper. But, no one really cares about that because it is just simply pointless. To those who are sitting for Literature In English paper and Chinese Language paper, too bad, your nightmare is longer than ours. *evil* Same to students from other schools that arranged their exams much later than our school did. Ganbatte and good luck to you guys anyway.

I made A LOT, honestly and seriously I'm telling you, HELL LOTS of mistakes I shouldn't have made. It is just like you know the perfect answer to solve the question but you simply wanna dream and not open your eyes big to read and understand what they are really asking for. But I know that kind of I-should-have-scored-higher-it's-only-the-stupid-mistakes-I've-made thinking is not gonna help in any way. Now I just can't wait to get my result! I'm putting high expectation on my Malay Language paper. Additional Mathematics and Mathematics too. Please, please, let my wish be realized.

Even though we're not gonna read anything for PJK paper, but isn't it too cruel of Puan Nor to have us doing our Accounting folio today and have us pass it up tomorrow? So you see, I have to rush now.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I don't wanna die, yet.

Gosh! The hanging nail almost cut my wrist and killed me! I was trying to reach for a book across the racks and the nail just did the magic and scaped off my skin. Never mind, they are only DEAD skin, or else, I'm already dead by now. (How does it feel to have my wrist cut then? No no, vanish the thought.) Evil pointed nail. *Aren't all nails pointed?* I've been extremely EMO today. You know I don't mean European Music Office. LOL My mood fluctuates much and my mind was flooded with whole bunch of negative thoughts these few days due to some unpleasant happenings. Writing this post meaning I'm already fine, well, quite. I'm eliminating my stress by being hyperactive and insane in some ways. I'm so sorry if I've made anyone mad or sad because of my stupid, unexplainable and foolish acts recently. Look at my glossy eyes, pleading for forgiveness. “There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.” I know you guys love me much. Hahaha...

I'm afraid.

I'm afraid to miss anything beautiful.
I'm afraid no one will remember me.
I'm afraid I'm just not that important.
I'm afraid what I want to do is just plainly pointless.
I'm afraid there's too much pain to take.
I'm afraid my friends will be sad although I don't think my disappearance will make any difference.
I'm afraid he won't learn to live and go on with his life.
I'm afraid I'm too sinned to leave so early.
I'm afraid God won't forgive me.
I'm afraid of the life after death.
I'm afraid, I really am, now I'm stuck in the middle, I can't leave or stay, for I have no value.


Her mind was loaded with wrath
Her words were hurtful
For once her heart was pared
But she never knew when
She will succumb to darkness
Living in an agony of remorse
For she has no purpose on Earth
And her life is in disgust.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

HELP University College

The dawn was already breaking when we reached there. I was sitting in the backseat on the grey car cushion. Through the windows, I surveyed the surrounding to see if anyone had made an early arrival like I had. No. No one, which was not very surprising. While waiting for the daylight to grow, my mom and I decided to have our breakfast at a restaurant just nearby my school. Yes, it was a Saturday morning and I was to go to school. Those who had signed up for a ICT workshop that was going to be held at HELP University College were to gather at the school before going to the college by bus. Well, which means I was one of the "enthusiastic" students who actually bothered to sign up for this supposed-to-be-thrilling workshop. Hahaha...

Pei Teng, Yen Kei and I were taken aback upon knowing that every teachers of our school were joining us, including our principal, Miss Goh. I was like, damn she's gonna give me a lecture about my fringe again. Time to be obedient. Before she started to say a thing, I quickly pinned them up. My forehead could shine.

Speaking of the workshop, we were divided into two groups. One about photo editing, the Picasa program. I have it in my computer ages agooooo. Needless to say, I'd already known how to operate Picasa as well. Another about Scratch, a program you can use to create simple games (2nd session) or story telling video clips (1st session). We didn't have a choice to make but doomed to go for the Scratch workshop led by Miss Ng. Sorry to say, the first session was awfully boring. I felt like crucifying myself so that I could get out of there. Well, ignore the exaggeration. I walked around to ensure I wouldn't fall asleep. But, whenever anyone asked if the workshop was fun, we would fake a smile and say yeah it was great. Then, turn away and laugh. The second session after the tea break was better, at least not so mind-numbing. I thought they should be teaching us something like basic programming language. It failed my expectation. But, never mind. At the least, we got the chance to visit HELP University College. With awesome facilities and nice food. And I sneezed right after imbibing the cold refreshing orange juice.

Yen Kei: After the exams when I am free, I wanna cook spaghetti for ya.
Ning Jie: OK, why not?
Yen Kei: And add some meat. It's gonna taste so great.
Ning Jie: ... evil you.

She knew I am a vegetarian. What a joke.

Anyway, Yen Kei's mom sent me home. I met her six-year-old younger brother again. So cute!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Birthday season: Again!

Look, Yvonne is going to receive her birthday present i.e. Xperia X10 mini pro from her boyfriend. So, is it an electrical string that ties them both together? Well, undoubtedly yes. But the main point should be, the material satisfaction. LOL Sony Ericsson Xperia family series is everywhere now. Smartphones is getting more and more popular. Yvonne must so so so so delighted deep down in her heart while laughing behind us with some sense of evil.

Now, it seems like everyone's birthday is around the corner! Birthday season among my friends again. Ahh, my wallet is going to bleed, pleading the birthday presents I'm about to buy are not going to cost me an arm or an leg. But it's all for love. ♥ My birthday, well, still has a long way to go. It's on the 27th of July but I'm already promised with quite a number of stuffs, making me wanna say, no one knows I'll be so much happier if everything comes in as a surprise? LOL A guitar, a cupipi, a cupido and a domo... (I'm so lucky! *shy*) What else will be my possesion? Don't fret if you can't get cheap and nice presents for me, get an expensive and superbly nice one. HAHAHA! Just kidding. Cheers!

I want...
I want.......
I wantttttttttt a copy of Michael Jackson's autobiography!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mercy, please...

The competition was over at April 27, 2011. I am talking about the Career Sketch Competition organized by the National Council of Counseling Teachers in conjunction with Career Counseling Carnival. Our team was the 1st runner-up at zone level. I had been busy with the sketch in the last two months. You know, with frequent staying in school yet missing important classes, not being able to rush back to my sweet home straight after school for at least twice a week. We needed practice. Even though I was only the seemingly unimportant crew, I was not excused from getting rid of home. We performed our sketch on the topic of seismology, which can be defined as the scientific study of earthquakes and the propagation of elastic waves through the Earth or through other planet-like bodies.

So, it was Monday again. I was busy fixing the chemistry facts in my mind as all the Form 5 students were going to sit for the chemistry and biology paper very soon after the assembly. I dragged my feet in line with my classmates towards the hall but with my head buried in the reference book contained in torn wrapper. My name was called and I walked up to the stage to receive the certificate of appreciation for my participation in the competition from the one of the school trustees, Madam Chang. Vanity sated but the brutal war was still going on. Not with pernicious weapons but books, papers and pens. It's examination war. Mercy, please...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Moving On

The night is still young. I hear the rhythm of the rain, like a melody it falls. Mother Nature is tidying up and dusting the world again. The branches of the trees are swaying joyously despite the showering dove-grey clouds. The rainwater taps on my roof in a steady beat like a reminder, warning me that not much time is left to complete my unfinished tasks of the sedentary day. Triggered by a sudden feeling of intense determination, I pull my lazy body off the comfortable queen sized bed, contained in a checkered ruddy and white bed sheet. I stand still on the icy ceramic tiles for a second or two, picturing the next thing I should do. There I go, turning on the electro-pop music and moving on to the end of the day.

Damn! The HUGE BROWN cockroach is flying here and there as I am typing! Scary, eerie creature. T_T

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's the man again.

My liking for Michael Jackson has never achromatized, despite it has been approximately two years he is gone. His music, either poetic or depriving of purpose, can always relight my spiritless moment and hold me spellbound with its divinity.


Kemalasan hanya akan mengusung manusia ke tebing kegagalan. Izharnya, ini merupakan satu kenyataan yang tidak dapat dinafikan oleh sesiapa pun. Namun, berapakan insan di dunia ini yang rela membebaskan diri daripada jangkitan kemalasan? Dalam mengharungi arus globalisasi ini, masih terdapat ramai individu yang membenarkan kemalasan, yakni virus perosak mudarat kepada peribadi untuk meruntuhkan kewibawaan diri dan menjatuhkan kemuliaan mereka. Adakan anda terbelenggu dalam kemalasan yang mampu menggugah kebejatan sosial seperti mereka? Kalau ya, adakah anda telah bersedia mengubati penyakit yang telah sekian lama memendamkan niat anda untuk menjauhi kelalaian dan kelembaman? Tepuk dada tanyalah selera.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


YES! Believe it or not, today's paper was quite easy to me. But, easy is not synonymous to able to score well. Hopefully I will achieve an A+ for this subject, Malay Language. It is now all by God's grace, I had paid my last-minute effort. Getting A+ for Malay Language paper was once impossible. I used to get like... B? It seemed that reading Malay essays from the magazine, Fokus SPM really helped me much. I was quite excited and satisfied after I had finished the paper. But, butterflies came. I'm still worried. I created some proverbs of my own in answer to some questions.

Nerves and butterflies are fine - they're a physical sign that you're mentally ready and eager.  You have to get the butterflies to fly in formation, that's the trick. -Steve Bull-

Monday, May 9, 2011

Erm, what's this?

The sun was not blazing after school. With a black and grey backpack carried on my back and secured with two straps over my shoulder, I left the green school gate and began ambling to Selayang Mall, heading to the post office located in the highest floor. I was about to send my evidence of educational expenses to Sunrise Education Foundation, by courier service, so that they can disburse the next payment of scholarship worth RM1250 to me. *evil*

Sadly, I had to wait for 1 hour and 15 minutes until my turn came. What a whole long tedious period of waiting! This showed how "efficient" they were, don't you think? Initially, I decided to read Reader's Digest to kill time but I eventually fell asleep, ignoring the possibility of being watched which was supposed to feel weird but meh, didn't give any shyt. I hadn't been getting enough sleep lately. And so had I a 15-minute long nap, hugging my bag, seated on a red, comfy but backless sofa, in that small air-conditioned post office.

Then granted with another exercising chance, I got to walk home. And yeah, on my way home, the sun was not kind enough to shroud himself in the clouds. But he must have been kind to people drying their wet clothes. Way to go.

Time to revise for my Malay Language examination tomorrow. Ciao~