Monday, May 23, 2011

Sayonara, Nightmare!

The horrible nightmare, or shall I say, the all-for-our-own-good exams are finally over, for the time being. We have more important papers to sit for this year. You know, SPM. I can finally bid the eye bags, eye dark circles and tired, lifeless look goodbye! Oh wait, most of us have one more paper to go tomorrow, i.e. PJK a.k.a. Health Education paper. But, no one really cares about that because it is just simply pointless. To those who are sitting for Literature In English paper and Chinese Language paper, too bad, your nightmare is longer than ours. *evil* Same to students from other schools that arranged their exams much later than our school did. Ganbatte and good luck to you guys anyway.

I made A LOT, honestly and seriously I'm telling you, HELL LOTS of mistakes I shouldn't have made. It is just like you know the perfect answer to solve the question but you simply wanna dream and not open your eyes big to read and understand what they are really asking for. But I know that kind of I-should-have-scored-higher-it's-only-the-stupid-mistakes-I've-made thinking is not gonna help in any way. Now I just can't wait to get my result! I'm putting high expectation on my Malay Language paper. Additional Mathematics and Mathematics too. Please, please, let my wish be realized.

Even though we're not gonna read anything for PJK paper, but isn't it too cruel of Puan Nor to have us doing our Accounting folio today and have us pass it up tomorrow? So you see, I have to rush now.

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