Saturday, May 21, 2011

HELP University College

The dawn was already breaking when we reached there. I was sitting in the backseat on the grey car cushion. Through the windows, I surveyed the surrounding to see if anyone had made an early arrival like I had. No. No one, which was not very surprising. While waiting for the daylight to grow, my mom and I decided to have our breakfast at a restaurant just nearby my school. Yes, it was a Saturday morning and I was to go to school. Those who had signed up for a ICT workshop that was going to be held at HELP University College were to gather at the school before going to the college by bus. Well, which means I was one of the "enthusiastic" students who actually bothered to sign up for this supposed-to-be-thrilling workshop. Hahaha...

Pei Teng, Yen Kei and I were taken aback upon knowing that every teachers of our school were joining us, including our principal, Miss Goh. I was like, damn she's gonna give me a lecture about my fringe again. Time to be obedient. Before she started to say a thing, I quickly pinned them up. My forehead could shine.

Speaking of the workshop, we were divided into two groups. One about photo editing, the Picasa program. I have it in my computer ages agooooo. Needless to say, I'd already known how to operate Picasa as well. Another about Scratch, a program you can use to create simple games (2nd session) or story telling video clips (1st session). We didn't have a choice to make but doomed to go for the Scratch workshop led by Miss Ng. Sorry to say, the first session was awfully boring. I felt like crucifying myself so that I could get out of there. Well, ignore the exaggeration. I walked around to ensure I wouldn't fall asleep. But, whenever anyone asked if the workshop was fun, we would fake a smile and say yeah it was great. Then, turn away and laugh. The second session after the tea break was better, at least not so mind-numbing. I thought they should be teaching us something like basic programming language. It failed my expectation. But, never mind. At the least, we got the chance to visit HELP University College. With awesome facilities and nice food. And I sneezed right after imbibing the cold refreshing orange juice.

Yen Kei: After the exams when I am free, I wanna cook spaghetti for ya.
Ning Jie: OK, why not?
Yen Kei: And add some meat. It's gonna taste so great.
Ning Jie: ... evil you.

She knew I am a vegetarian. What a joke.

Anyway, Yen Kei's mom sent me home. I met her six-year-old younger brother again. So cute!

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