Sunday, May 29, 2011

Being Nikki

It was really bad to learn that my body couldn't take any food or beverages that were.... cold, or slightly below my body's temperature. Ugh... You could guess what a few pieces of breads with butter spread could do to me. It was making my head ache like, you know, crazy.

On that normal schooling Thursday morning before our two-weeks holidays had started, I found a storybook with maroon hard cover laying on one of those light yellow and brown canteen tables as I walked into the school. I removed my bag from my shoulder and let it rest on the bench. I saw my right hand reaching for the one-inch-thick book. I ran my fingers over the uneven surface. It read "Being Nikki". It was a novel written by Meg Cabot, the author of The Princess Diaries, later made by Walt Disney Pictures into two feature films, if you don't know.

Apparently, someone had left it there the day before. I mean, what else? I opened the book with care, careful enough to not damage the book in any way, since it was not mine. Then, I began reading it. It was a story about, a girl named Em Watts had undergone a brain transplant and she was then in Nikki Howard, a supermodel's body. All about how she moved on with her new life while her every move was spied by her boss, Robert Stark, the one who gave Em Watts brain transplant, but a villain.

So, I'm gonna report this to the lost and found after the holiday, meaning after I'm done reading this whole book. To the owner of this book, thanks and no worry, you're getting it back later in perfect condition. Evil me anyway.

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