Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm so lame.

Wee, I'm done with my Accounting folio. The next day after my classes, I'll have to rush to the shop opposite my school to print it out. Then, run back *I might need to gallop like a horse, to be fast enough. Hahahaha...* to Puan Nor's office to hand her my hard work just as she has demanded. Money again. I have a perfectly functioning printer but its software just cannot be installed correctly in my computer. I'll be in a state of extreme poverty soon.

Perhaps reading the pointless PJK is the best thing to do right now, to save myself from guilt of letting myself soar in pain due to inability to answer the questions or guilt of letting my creativity flow and create my very own PJK theory. Imagining results with flying colors but with one ugly remark is horrifying. I want my beautiful result slip decorated with As. Oh fine, even if PJK is not in the result slip, I'm gonna read it.

Can I say something? Actually, I don't feel like reading anymore. Excuse my lameness.

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