Sunday, May 15, 2011

Moving On

The night is still young. I hear the rhythm of the rain, like a melody it falls. Mother Nature is tidying up and dusting the world again. The branches of the trees are swaying joyously despite the showering dove-grey clouds. The rainwater taps on my roof in a steady beat like a reminder, warning me that not much time is left to complete my unfinished tasks of the sedentary day. Triggered by a sudden feeling of intense determination, I pull my lazy body off the comfortable queen sized bed, contained in a checkered ruddy and white bed sheet. I stand still on the icy ceramic tiles for a second or two, picturing the next thing I should do. There I go, turning on the electro-pop music and moving on to the end of the day.

Damn! The HUGE BROWN cockroach is flying here and there as I am typing! Scary, eerie creature. T_T

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