Monday, November 29, 2010

A Classical Guitar

I had a weird dream last night. I think it’s brought about by guitar obsession.

I was having a conversation with my mom in the living room. We were chatting just like how we normally do. Then, we talked about, or rather, I talked about, guitars. Before this, I had been begging my mom to give me the green light to purchase an acoustic guitar. But, as you should know, I always fail as my mom is kind of, uh, relentless. So, this time, it was just like another trial.

Unexpectedly, my mom told me that she actually has a guitar, but a classical one. She walked into the room, with the confused me trailing her. She opened a wardrobe (See? A wardrobe...) and handed out the bizarrely designed guitar. For some reason unexplained, it was for lefties when I wasn't one apparently.

Told you, weird.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Ouch but not here... =.="

My hand was hit by a jutted kettle when I dashed to the bathroom to pass my mom her facial cleanser. It hurt.

Mamishu - Yummy!

It was another Saturday morning. I walked into my dream one hour and forty-four minutes after midnight (That was only because my mom came into my room when I was sitting in front of the computer. She caught me red-handed and chased me to sleep with her threatening you’d-better-go-to-sleep-now look. Otherwise, I might go to bed at five in the morning.) and woke up at 10.43am which means I had slept for approximately nine hours. Okay, enough of being scientific. Yet, there are some sign of dark circles perched around my eyes, preserving my panda image.

I had mamishu, 马米酥 as my breakfast LOL… It’s a combination of fluffy sweet cake “tang gong” (糖恭), a famous Hainanese dessert made of rice, peanut and sesame consumed during the festivals to celebrate harvesting, and “sacima” (萨其马, which means yummy dessert), a Manchurian delicacy popular among the South-East-Asian Chinese community.

Equation: sacima (萨其马) + tang gong (糖恭) = mamishu (马米酥)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Speak Now

I went to the child care centre of Jaice’s mom again after the chemistry class at Perfection Training Academy (it sounds professional, but uhh, just a tuition centre LOL). We learnt about factors affecting rate of reaction today. =.=” Yap Xin, Jia Yeen, Vicky, Jaice, Amelia and I met up there. They had a whale of time making illogical story. Yap Xin lent me her Taylor Swift, Speak Now album. Wee…

Speak Now Deluxe Edition

Here's the Speak Now song track list:
1) Mine
2) Sparks Fly
5) Dear John
6) Mean
7) The Story Of Us
8) Never Grow Up
9) Enchanted
10) Better Than Revenge
11) Innocent
12) Haunted
13) Last Kiss
14) Long Live

All these songs are written by Taylor Swift herself.
Lady Gaga may have stolen the pop crown by doing everything in her power to mask herself under a veneer of shock fashion and shock statements, but Speak Now has Swift doing just what she does best: being herself, and Swift has come far enough as her own artist to make Speak Now the best pop record of the year.

I got this from a website. It’s very true indeed. Taylor Swift rocks!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Moment

When your loved ones left the world, how does it feel? You don’t know where they are heading. You just can’t see it. Some firm believers would say, ‘they will be going to live happily ever after in heaven with God.’ Yet, you feel helpless. You even feel it’s too early for their departure. There are so many things you have not done with them. There were so many chance that you forgot to grab. You forgot to say how much you want to thank them for every joy they brought you, every moment they had made special, everything they did that made a difference in your life. And suddenly, you realized that you missed so many things you shouldn’t have missed.

Just out of a sudden, the chance fled away, plunging to the dungeon of despair and hence, never to be seen again. They’re gone. You just lost the chance. Their soulless body lay there, not being able to say a word. You viewed the photograph of you and them again. Your memories with them flashed in your mind. They just couldn’t stop replaying. The happy moments, the sad moments, the exciting moments, the disappointing moments, and the list goes on. The tears sprang to your eyes. Even the strongest person on earth with a heart of stone couldn’t bear this bitter truth but let his tears stream down his cheeks alone in the corner. You would think, ‘what made you lose your mind?’ It is the mistake you made. You didn’t appreciate enough when they were still around.

You didn’t care. When problems came, you thought of you, only you yourself. People from all walks of life have done this. They just thought of how much they should matter to everyone. How important they should be and how things are horrible and unfair for them. But you forgot one thing; there is always someone behind, giving his effort to sort things out, trying to make everything alright again. When he failed to do so, you failed him. Your anger grew without rational reasons because you only thought of your own benefit.

When you realized their unrequited affection for you, it’s already too late. They’re gone, forever. The only thing I wanted to say is; appreciate the people around you while you’re still able to do so. They can be your friends, your partner for life or your family members. What if they’re gone in the next microsecond? Everything will change. You might not feel repentant and sorry all the time, but the regret will be etched on your heart for good, like some scars that can never heal.
The symbol for peace.

P/S: This ridiculous thing came to my mind out of the blue. Forgive me if I bored you. XD

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


“If I can’t have you, I don’t want anyone!”

Kelly Clarkson’s soul voice woke me up. Okay, I know she doesn’t want anyone else LOL.

After indulging myself with only a few bites of plum, I had to take some acrid Chinese medicine made up of herbs into tablet form. Well, they are to make sure flu doesn’t come back to me. The brownish color and smooth texture made me feel it was even harder to swallow the disk-shaped medicine. It was inflicting mental pain. LOL Pointless rejection couldn’t do a thing. Throwing the pills into my mouth, I imbibed some boiled water to drive the pills in. As luck would have it, I vomited everything out. =.=”
Well, mine doesn't look like this.


The medicine dissolved partly and left some bitter aftertaste in my mouth. Damn it. It was such a “terrific” start for the last day of my form life. But, never mind, I still have Michael Jackson music to cheer me up. Haha crap…

I just realized the free tote bag voucher from Perfection expired on November 15, 2010. Today is 16th. =.= And I found the class party invitation card for Puan Tan in my biology reference book. P/S: The class party was on November 11. Sorry, Puan Tan. But I don’t think she’d come to our class even if she received the invitation. Evil me.

I heard a Korean song in the radio this morning. It was quite nice to my liking. Here it is, Sweet Holiday by C.N. Blue

I shall introduce another song I heard today. Weeee... Hold My Hand, an Akon’s duet with Michael Jackson. I was listening to it at a stretch. ^^ Akon has actually more part because this song was finished and completed by Akon after Michael Jackson’s death.

I failed to embed the videos here because of my stupendous internet connection. =.="

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well, this ain't me. Haha...

My brother was trying to awaken me. He did awaken me. It was 5.44am which was pretty late for a schooling morning. Well, it wasn’t late if I packed my bag and prepared everything the night before. XD I guess changing the alarm ringtone yesterday night is a wrong decision. I thought the alarm didn’t ring at 5.00am. =.=” You see, sleeping late disabled my ability to detect soft sweet music early in the fresh morning. Duh, I could barely open my eyes as if heaps of stone was pressuring them.

I sat on the floor, looking into emptiness. I saw nothing, felt nothing, just daydreaming… LOL haha… Waking myself from the aimless vision, I reached for my cell phone to have a glance at the time. It read 6.09am. My mom would crucify me upon seeing everything in a mess. I had better hurry up.

There she came, walking into my horribly untidy room. “Aren’t you going to school? Why aren’t you in your uniform yet?” said my mom in quite a serious tone. I nodded in answer, which didn’t make things very clear.

“Are you going to school or what?”

“Yeah, I’m going.”

“You had better hurry up now. How many times do I have to tell you? Pack your bag the night before…”

She started her same old story. I was going to spend the rest of my morning letting my mom to torment me with her superbly perfect nagging skill. Uhh…

She asked my brother if he wants her to buy him his breakfast when we were in the car, on our way to school. She didn’t ask me! *sobs* Duh, never mind, like I care. After that, I actually ate a plate of fried rice and a bowl of mihun soup at the school canteen to tranquilize the vexation. LOL Hunger didn’t strike until the end of school hours.

Speaking of school, we, the pathetic students were threatened by our teachers. We had to erase all the erasable pencil marks in the textbooks we borrowed from the school before returning them. Otherwise, our evil teachers would proudly present a very special gift to us --- DEMERITS! =.=” It’s already the end of the school term. Anyway, even if we didn’t care anymore, we were still forced to erase them, as if we were the only ones who should be responsible for those marks on our textbooks. I didn’t mind actually. I was erasing them with peace in my heart while everyone was mumbling about this unfair happening. =.=” But, the tips of my fingers are still a little pain resulting from over-erasing.

Yvonne’s sister is going to hand Yvonne’s textbooks to me on tomorrow morning. I have to help her to pass them to the respective teacher. Don’t tell me I have to erase the marks for her. Hell no. Please do pity my fingers...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Xin Xin!

Happy Birthday Xin!
Click on the photo to view in higher definition. XD

Hell Crap

Sick. Sick. Damn. Being sick is no fun at all. Everything comes in a sequence. Sore throat came first. I shall give him the crown LOL. He indeed succeeded to torture me by gifting me pain, making me to lose the ability to talk and sing without strained look for days. Uhh, I looked like I was having constipation when I talked. Well of course, it was because of the seemingly endless pain at the moment. Fuh, flu and cough came next and fever got last. Still, Mr. Fever got to torture me. Imagine releasing heat from your eyes and nostrils. Hell.

Tell me why should illness even exist? To punish human’s wrongs? LOL Did I do anything illegal? Well I actually recovered. I am just… just… finding something to crap about… =_=

He Shall Live In Our Hearts, In A Special Way

Warning: This is a post about Michael Jackson. Please do not carry on reading if you’re not interested, but I appreciate it if you do. Peace.

It has been months Michael Jackson died. Nevertheless forums, gossips, talks and rumors about him have never stopped. They continued the aimless act every single day as if it is a must. They discussed if Michael faked his death, if he hired a look-alike, or shall I say, a few look-alikes to lessen the burden of the upcoming world tour. Some even get mad, become depressed upon knowing the possibilities that Michael Jackson is still alive, hiding himself from media harassment and resting himself by telling a big fat lie: Oh I’m dead?

If you look into the mirror and ask yourself, do all these really matter now?

If it was truly him, Michael Jackson who made the choice, then we shall leave him alone. Why should we get agitated? Why should you waste your tears? I’m not saying Michael Jackson isn’t worth anything. He is the King of Pop. But can’t you see that the world will not get better no matter how much tears streamed down our cheeks? If it is for love, then do something right. Help the needy. Make somebody smiles. Do not sit crouching at the corner, crying and whining that it wasn’t fair at all.

We should appreciate the joy, the music he had brought to us, but not striking notes about the agony his departure has brought. If you truly are his fan, open your mind and see the truth. We have to get on with our life. Don’t get stuck in the limbo and say how much you wish to meet him up in heaven. Say how grateful and pleased that you are still in this world to help him to accomplish his mission: Heal the World.

P/S: This is only my very own opinion. Please do not crucify me for this.

Michael Jackson. You always rock. XD

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is A Book An Animal?

Wasting time at a child care centre owned by Jaice’s mom, made my day LOL. Jia Yeen and I went there after accomplishing a mission (JY, this is cryptic, XD). We volunteered, or rather, were asked to guide one or two children to do some workbook exercises.

You know, children are just cute, in a way.

“Is a book an animal?” I questioned.

The cute little child said “yes” in answer with a naïve look, not knowing her answer was so wrong. =_= Seriously, we couldn’t help but laugh up our sleeves. Well, not so secretly.

Thank God, the four-year-old girl I was taking care of was quite cooperative and nice, not like those mischievous ones. What’s her name again? I forgot. =_=

But I didn’t forget to draw her some stars on her workbook to glorify her LOL hahaha…

You can learn many things from children.  How much patience you have, for instance.  ~Franklin P. Jones

Love lots~

Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh My Clarkson!

I was standing under a tree, waiting for my mom to come around
I ate a little snacks yet she wasn’t there, so I crouched on the ground

A silver Viva appeared from the junction and I got in
I reminded her about the classes I’ll be attending

She said “No, I ain’t taking you to the tuition centre”
“I have no time and I don’t care if you’ll be in hot water”

I was dumbfounded as she wants to cancel all the classes
My eyes were red, guess she couldn’t see, Oh My Clarkson


Giving you a big facepalm XD