Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hell Crap

Sick. Sick. Damn. Being sick is no fun at all. Everything comes in a sequence. Sore throat came first. I shall give him the crown LOL. He indeed succeeded to torture me by gifting me pain, making me to lose the ability to talk and sing without strained look for days. Uhh, I looked like I was having constipation when I talked. Well of course, it was because of the seemingly endless pain at the moment. Fuh, flu and cough came next and fever got last. Still, Mr. Fever got to torture me. Imagine releasing heat from your eyes and nostrils. Hell.

Tell me why should illness even exist? To punish human’s wrongs? LOL Did I do anything illegal? Well I actually recovered. I am just… just… finding something to crap about… =_=

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