Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Moment

When your loved ones left the world, how does it feel? You don’t know where they are heading. You just can’t see it. Some firm believers would say, ‘they will be going to live happily ever after in heaven with God.’ Yet, you feel helpless. You even feel it’s too early for their departure. There are so many things you have not done with them. There were so many chance that you forgot to grab. You forgot to say how much you want to thank them for every joy they brought you, every moment they had made special, everything they did that made a difference in your life. And suddenly, you realized that you missed so many things you shouldn’t have missed.

Just out of a sudden, the chance fled away, plunging to the dungeon of despair and hence, never to be seen again. They’re gone. You just lost the chance. Their soulless body lay there, not being able to say a word. You viewed the photograph of you and them again. Your memories with them flashed in your mind. They just couldn’t stop replaying. The happy moments, the sad moments, the exciting moments, the disappointing moments, and the list goes on. The tears sprang to your eyes. Even the strongest person on earth with a heart of stone couldn’t bear this bitter truth but let his tears stream down his cheeks alone in the corner. You would think, ‘what made you lose your mind?’ It is the mistake you made. You didn’t appreciate enough when they were still around.

You didn’t care. When problems came, you thought of you, only you yourself. People from all walks of life have done this. They just thought of how much they should matter to everyone. How important they should be and how things are horrible and unfair for them. But you forgot one thing; there is always someone behind, giving his effort to sort things out, trying to make everything alright again. When he failed to do so, you failed him. Your anger grew without rational reasons because you only thought of your own benefit.

When you realized their unrequited affection for you, it’s already too late. They’re gone, forever. The only thing I wanted to say is; appreciate the people around you while you’re still able to do so. They can be your friends, your partner for life or your family members. What if they’re gone in the next microsecond? Everything will change. You might not feel repentant and sorry all the time, but the regret will be etched on your heart for good, like some scars that can never heal.
The symbol for peace.

P/S: This ridiculous thing came to my mind out of the blue. Forgive me if I bored you. XD

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