Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mamishu - Yummy!

It was another Saturday morning. I walked into my dream one hour and forty-four minutes after midnight (That was only because my mom came into my room when I was sitting in front of the computer. She caught me red-handed and chased me to sleep with her threatening you’d-better-go-to-sleep-now look. Otherwise, I might go to bed at five in the morning.) and woke up at 10.43am which means I had slept for approximately nine hours. Okay, enough of being scientific. Yet, there are some sign of dark circles perched around my eyes, preserving my panda image.

I had mamishu, 马米酥 as my breakfast LOL… It’s a combination of fluffy sweet cake “tang gong” (糖恭), a famous Hainanese dessert made of rice, peanut and sesame consumed during the festivals to celebrate harvesting, and “sacima” (萨其马, which means yummy dessert), a Manchurian delicacy popular among the South-East-Asian Chinese community.

Equation: sacima (萨其马) + tang gong (糖恭) = mamishu (马米酥)

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