Saturday, November 20, 2010

Speak Now

I went to the child care centre of Jaice’s mom again after the chemistry class at Perfection Training Academy (it sounds professional, but uhh, just a tuition centre LOL). We learnt about factors affecting rate of reaction today. =.=” Yap Xin, Jia Yeen, Vicky, Jaice, Amelia and I met up there. They had a whale of time making illogical story. Yap Xin lent me her Taylor Swift, Speak Now album. Wee…

Speak Now Deluxe Edition

Here's the Speak Now song track list:
1) Mine
2) Sparks Fly
5) Dear John
6) Mean
7) The Story Of Us
8) Never Grow Up
9) Enchanted
10) Better Than Revenge
11) Innocent
12) Haunted
13) Last Kiss
14) Long Live

All these songs are written by Taylor Swift herself.
Lady Gaga may have stolen the pop crown by doing everything in her power to mask herself under a veneer of shock fashion and shock statements, but Speak Now has Swift doing just what she does best: being herself, and Swift has come far enough as her own artist to make Speak Now the best pop record of the year.

I got this from a website. It’s very true indeed. Taylor Swift rocks!

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