Sunday, November 7, 2010

He Shall Live In Our Hearts, In A Special Way

Warning: This is a post about Michael Jackson. Please do not carry on reading if you’re not interested, but I appreciate it if you do. Peace.

It has been months Michael Jackson died. Nevertheless forums, gossips, talks and rumors about him have never stopped. They continued the aimless act every single day as if it is a must. They discussed if Michael faked his death, if he hired a look-alike, or shall I say, a few look-alikes to lessen the burden of the upcoming world tour. Some even get mad, become depressed upon knowing the possibilities that Michael Jackson is still alive, hiding himself from media harassment and resting himself by telling a big fat lie: Oh I’m dead?

If you look into the mirror and ask yourself, do all these really matter now?

If it was truly him, Michael Jackson who made the choice, then we shall leave him alone. Why should we get agitated? Why should you waste your tears? I’m not saying Michael Jackson isn’t worth anything. He is the King of Pop. But can’t you see that the world will not get better no matter how much tears streamed down our cheeks? If it is for love, then do something right. Help the needy. Make somebody smiles. Do not sit crouching at the corner, crying and whining that it wasn’t fair at all.

We should appreciate the joy, the music he had brought to us, but not striking notes about the agony his departure has brought. If you truly are his fan, open your mind and see the truth. We have to get on with our life. Don’t get stuck in the limbo and say how much you wish to meet him up in heaven. Say how grateful and pleased that you are still in this world to help him to accomplish his mission: Heal the World.

P/S: This is only my very own opinion. Please do not crucify me for this.

Michael Jackson. You always rock. XD

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