Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well, this ain't me. Haha...

My brother was trying to awaken me. He did awaken me. It was 5.44am which was pretty late for a schooling morning. Well, it wasn’t late if I packed my bag and prepared everything the night before. XD I guess changing the alarm ringtone yesterday night is a wrong decision. I thought the alarm didn’t ring at 5.00am. =.=” You see, sleeping late disabled my ability to detect soft sweet music early in the fresh morning. Duh, I could barely open my eyes as if heaps of stone was pressuring them.

I sat on the floor, looking into emptiness. I saw nothing, felt nothing, just daydreaming… LOL haha… Waking myself from the aimless vision, I reached for my cell phone to have a glance at the time. It read 6.09am. My mom would crucify me upon seeing everything in a mess. I had better hurry up.

There she came, walking into my horribly untidy room. “Aren’t you going to school? Why aren’t you in your uniform yet?” said my mom in quite a serious tone. I nodded in answer, which didn’t make things very clear.

“Are you going to school or what?”

“Yeah, I’m going.”

“You had better hurry up now. How many times do I have to tell you? Pack your bag the night before…”

She started her same old story. I was going to spend the rest of my morning letting my mom to torment me with her superbly perfect nagging skill. Uhh…

She asked my brother if he wants her to buy him his breakfast when we were in the car, on our way to school. She didn’t ask me! *sobs* Duh, never mind, like I care. After that, I actually ate a plate of fried rice and a bowl of mihun soup at the school canteen to tranquilize the vexation. LOL Hunger didn’t strike until the end of school hours.

Speaking of school, we, the pathetic students were threatened by our teachers. We had to erase all the erasable pencil marks in the textbooks we borrowed from the school before returning them. Otherwise, our evil teachers would proudly present a very special gift to us --- DEMERITS! =.=” It’s already the end of the school term. Anyway, even if we didn’t care anymore, we were still forced to erase them, as if we were the only ones who should be responsible for those marks on our textbooks. I didn’t mind actually. I was erasing them with peace in my heart while everyone was mumbling about this unfair happening. =.=” But, the tips of my fingers are still a little pain resulting from over-erasing.

Yvonne’s sister is going to hand Yvonne’s textbooks to me on tomorrow morning. I have to help her to pass them to the respective teacher. Don’t tell me I have to erase the marks for her. Hell no. Please do pity my fingers...

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