Wednesday, November 17, 2010


“If I can’t have you, I don’t want anyone!”

Kelly Clarkson’s soul voice woke me up. Okay, I know she doesn’t want anyone else LOL.

After indulging myself with only a few bites of plum, I had to take some acrid Chinese medicine made up of herbs into tablet form. Well, they are to make sure flu doesn’t come back to me. The brownish color and smooth texture made me feel it was even harder to swallow the disk-shaped medicine. It was inflicting mental pain. LOL Pointless rejection couldn’t do a thing. Throwing the pills into my mouth, I imbibed some boiled water to drive the pills in. As luck would have it, I vomited everything out. =.=”
Well, mine doesn't look like this.


The medicine dissolved partly and left some bitter aftertaste in my mouth. Damn it. It was such a “terrific” start for the last day of my form life. But, never mind, I still have Michael Jackson music to cheer me up. Haha crap…

I just realized the free tote bag voucher from Perfection expired on November 15, 2010. Today is 16th. =.= And I found the class party invitation card for Puan Tan in my biology reference book. P/S: The class party was on November 11. Sorry, Puan Tan. But I don’t think she’d come to our class even if she received the invitation. Evil me.

I heard a Korean song in the radio this morning. It was quite nice to my liking. Here it is, Sweet Holiday by C.N. Blue

I shall introduce another song I heard today. Weeee... Hold My Hand, an Akon’s duet with Michael Jackson. I was listening to it at a stretch. ^^ Akon has actually more part because this song was finished and completed by Akon after Michael Jackson’s death.

I failed to embed the videos here because of my stupendous internet connection. =.="

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