Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Time For Change

Words of anger shot through my ears
Shocked and afraid a head would rear
Her face was grim, her stare could kill
I wished I could sugar the pill

This time, her heart beat no sympathy
Strongly, a slap landed on my face
"I am sorry" did no trick to thee
How I wished her wrath I could erase

Her look, her words and the ambience said
It was me who had forgotten the faith
I made her weep and it shall be paid
It was my fault for having misbehaved

I know well, it's time for change.

Written on June 7, 2010

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Other Truth

During the two-weeks holiday when I was supposed to be studying like a good teenager, I watched some Hong Kong drama instead. Now I introduce to you *drum rolls*

The Other Truth

Ruco Chan looks especially charming in this drama. He plays the role of Keith Lau, a lawyer full with sense of justice. And he's really cool. I mean, really. Mysterious when required. Sour when required. Hateful when required. Watch his eyes dart about as he speaks. Or when his tone changes ever so slightly. Or how his eyebrows gently twist to tell you he's not buying what the other guy is saying. The way he defeats all the villain in the story. Damn, I think this drama is just to melt ladies' hearts with his sexy (ew, sexy? but damn yeah...) character and bring him to fame and stardom. Okay, I'm not obsessed about him. He is just so cool. In the drama. I was really taken aback to know that he's already 34 years old. See how the actors and actresses can be brushed up to look so young and handsome and beautiful to blur the audience's eyes. But hey, I'm lovin' it. *evil laugh* Not forgetting Tavia who is also starring in this drama! But she's sort of over-promoted by TVB.

Tavia, such a beauty.
Ruco Chan, I like the bottom most second left pic.

Advertisement Time

Look, I'm advertising ShapeWorks product for free. lol

Lately, mom's been fueling me with some great-tasting vanilla shake. To put it correctly, it is actually nutritious mixed soy powder drink as the label reads. And it is high in protein and artificially vanilla flavoured. Yeah. Mom pours two heaping tablespoons of the powder, two heaping tablespoon of oats, 250ml of water and some fruits into the blender and needless to say, blend it. It's been helping my bowel. It is said that it is only available through Herbalife Independent Distributors. Good for losing weight too. Guys, have a try?

TRIAL AIN'T GONNA BRING ME DOWN. (Just see when I'll surrender T_T)

So, the spirit of SPM Trial Exam has been relived. We, the fifth formers have had our Malay Language paper today. For me, it wasn't that awful. It was rather easy because the night before, I was on Google, searching for samples of essays like crazy. But it turned out that 10 out of 10 essays I got online is IDENTICAL. I was like, seriously dude? Who is copying who now?

Anyway, that 10 essays, or shall I say, that ONE essay saved me from having to think about the points I should write. As I've sat for my Accounting and Malay Language paper, the burden on my shoulder certainly feels so much lighter. But HA... Just wait till I die when I'm to sit for the harder paper, like Biology? You should believe that I sleep during biology lesson. And I didn't bother to figure out what happened to Mendel and ovum or sperm after fertilization, oh whatever.

This brings me to studying 24/7 in front of the computer now, just so that I can go online. Then, feel guilty, read something. Lie on the floor. Subsequently falling asleep. Again, I'm seriously a procrastinator, not wanting to fail at the same time. (I think I never did. =X) Then the guilt comes and says, "HEY YOU'D BETTER READ!"

It's only the beginning of the trial exam, but I'm already excited to go for hangouts after the tormenting exams!

To all the fifth formers, break a leg!