Monday, September 5, 2011

The Other Truth

During the two-weeks holiday when I was supposed to be studying like a good teenager, I watched some Hong Kong drama instead. Now I introduce to you *drum rolls*

The Other Truth

Ruco Chan looks especially charming in this drama. He plays the role of Keith Lau, a lawyer full with sense of justice. And he's really cool. I mean, really. Mysterious when required. Sour when required. Hateful when required. Watch his eyes dart about as he speaks. Or when his tone changes ever so slightly. Or how his eyebrows gently twist to tell you he's not buying what the other guy is saying. The way he defeats all the villain in the story. Damn, I think this drama is just to melt ladies' hearts with his sexy (ew, sexy? but damn yeah...) character and bring him to fame and stardom. Okay, I'm not obsessed about him. He is just so cool. In the drama. I was really taken aback to know that he's already 34 years old. See how the actors and actresses can be brushed up to look so young and handsome and beautiful to blur the audience's eyes. But hey, I'm lovin' it. *evil laugh* Not forgetting Tavia who is also starring in this drama! But she's sort of over-promoted by TVB.

Tavia, such a beauty.
Ruco Chan, I like the bottom most second left pic.

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