Monday, May 9, 2011

Erm, what's this?

The sun was not blazing after school. With a black and grey backpack carried on my back and secured with two straps over my shoulder, I left the green school gate and began ambling to Selayang Mall, heading to the post office located in the highest floor. I was about to send my evidence of educational expenses to Sunrise Education Foundation, by courier service, so that they can disburse the next payment of scholarship worth RM1250 to me. *evil*

Sadly, I had to wait for 1 hour and 15 minutes until my turn came. What a whole long tedious period of waiting! This showed how "efficient" they were, don't you think? Initially, I decided to read Reader's Digest to kill time but I eventually fell asleep, ignoring the possibility of being watched which was supposed to feel weird but meh, didn't give any shyt. I hadn't been getting enough sleep lately. And so had I a 15-minute long nap, hugging my bag, seated on a red, comfy but backless sofa, in that small air-conditioned post office.

Then granted with another exercising chance, I got to walk home. And yeah, on my way home, the sun was not kind enough to shroud himself in the clouds. But he must have been kind to people drying their wet clothes. Way to go.

Time to revise for my Malay Language examination tomorrow. Ciao~

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