Monday, November 14, 2011

Screw You

I simply hate it when she screams at me for nothing, when it's utterly unnecessary. I don't care if she's drunk. So what, if you're drunk, go get a sleep or regain your consciousness. Whenever she yells at me, she is reminding me of how she had wrongly accused me of nothing I'd done, for the umpteenth times. The look on her face. I still remember how she seemed perfectly sure that I turned my back on her when I didn't for the love of God. And she's putting me on the edge of anxiety breakdown. But the sorrow is not strong enough to drag me into the turbulent torrents of tears. She just makes me frown, as if tears are going to stream down my cheeks anytime but will never. I'm so tired of her leaving the strained look on my face. It's so bloody stupid.

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