Monday, July 25, 2011

Birthday 2011

I was trying my very best to do the exercise my accounting teacher had given us. It just so happened that after a few months, I couldn't seem to remember any way to do a bank reconciliation. I was in a desperate need to dissect my brain for the answer. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, hahaha... When I somehow figured out the way to solve the question, I went from a pool of frustration to a pool of relief and satisfaction. But when I looked at the next question, damn, I must've been brainwashed in the last second.

I stared at the unsolved problems and couldn't stop myself from frowning. Okay, at the least I've got some idea about it, I was so going to do this.... later. I tossed my head and took a glance at my Elle Studio watch. 20 minutes more to enjoying pizzas!

My birthday is on July 27, if you ever wanted to know. As far as I could recall, I haven't really celebrated my birthday with my friends, well yes, but not anywhere outside the school. My birthday was celebrated last year though it wasn't what I really favoured and wished for. But I know, I was appreciated and blessed compared to the unprivileged. Being grateful. LOL XD

So yeah, today was July 25, three days to my birthday and seven days to Pei Teng's birthday. Our friends must be preparing our mini birthday celebration while we were sitting in that classroom, having an accounting lesson in that atmosphere full of chatter.

Our birthday cake was a lovely fruit cake coated with yellow mango coating from Saint Heart if I'm not mistaken. The coating was rather sticky, almost like the cheese you see in Pizza Hut advertisement and someone described it as placenta, as if she's seen the real placenta. LOL Oh yeah, pizzas. They bought three regular-sized pizzas from Pizza Hut for about 10 of us, which was really abundant. I kept some for mom. XD Not forgetting mushroom soups ; so thick that I thought I might throw up after eating few slices of pizzas. Garlic bread ; splendid to be eaten after dipping it in the mushroom soup, heavenly. Chicken wings ; aww, I couldn't eat this, I'm a vegetarian, remember? Champagne ; everyone's favourite drink. And A&W beer ; the "beer" I used to drink when I was a kid.

I still remember how I stuffed Pei Teng's spectacles into the cake remain. MUAHAHA!!! Evil me. I was sure Pei Teng was surprised upon seeing her spectacles in cream. "Did you guys buy the wrong champagne? I doubt if the champagne contains alcohol," said Pei Teng while she smiled in disbelief. C'mon, just for fun. XP

Special thanks to Yvonne, Eng Jun, Vicky, Yap Xin, Yen Kei, Jye Chyi, Pei Teng and Jaice for your gifts.
Thank you everyone for organizing this wonderful birthday celebration.
Thank you for the joy and laughter.
Thank you for showing me you care when I don't look happy.
Thank you for tolerating my ignorance.
Thank you for walking into my life and staying with me as my friends till now.

I love you all dearly. ♥

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