Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Desire For Acceptance =)

Most people desire for acceptance, I mean, who don't? It was a cloudy Tuesday, the first school day in this week. We were in the hall after 20 minutes of recess, seated on the rather dusty wooden floor for some sort of speeches by speakers from Help University about ICT. We were not even a tad interested in the subject.

I heard a voice that seemed so distant, almost as if echoing in my head. "Who is this?" My subconscious mind told me the voice belonged to Nareen, the head prefect of our school. A friend of mine uttered my name in answer to the question. I guess the way I tilted my head towards the ground disguised my face.

"No wonder." I was certain this meant some sarcasm. So, I was labelled "a girl who would certainly sleep during talks". Apparently, sleeping during a speech wasn't the most brilliant thing to do. As my friends mouthed my name again (this time, it sounded like some vocal harmony version of my name), trying to wake me up, I recovered from the unintentional shuteye and regained my vision.

I endured the rest of the speech just staring straight into the slide presentation. Okay, I did pay heed to the presenter, but not all the time.

So yeah, most people desire for acceptance. I said something to a, um, sensitive friend of mine. I'm not sure if "sensitive" is the right word to put it. But, err, I admit my tonality didn't have a trace of kindness in it. She turned away with a certainly misleading look, the look that portrayed unsatisfactory on the conversation we had just now. To make matters worse, I discussed about it with some others friends in the classroom and it so happened that she was eavesdropping when she wanted to pass something to someone. (Well, let's not involve too much names in here.)

I wasn't accusing her at any degree. I, like any human, also long for acceptance. That could be the only reason why I was telling my other friends about it. I was afraid that she might have some hard feeling on this, which was a trivial matter that actually didn't need our attention at all. So, she heard me saying about her seemingly uninviting expression and apologized for it.

You see, how a small, teeny tiny matter could cause problems. It is all because we yearn for acceptance. We are afraid we do something wrong and the person is gonna hate us or something. I talked to my friends because of this reason. She, too, apologized for the same reason. Assuming I was right, shouldn't we slow down and have a break? And realize that it's really nothing big. Undoubtedly, we're still friends the way we were, or we can even be stronger. Point made. 'Nuff said.

Have a break, have a kit kat.

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