Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Sketch Practice?

I have to stay back at school till 4 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until the performance on the Independence Day's celebration in our school because I'm involved in a sketch. You know, about the history of how we got the independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule.
We had fun on our very first practice. Well, it wasn't really a practise though, we just went through the script. I laughed so much that I even thought I was insane. Chang Sin entertained us by imitating our teachers by requests. She mimicked Puan Lee, Miss Wong and even our principal Miss Goh in speech, gesture and expression. She was meant for that, I must say. No one else could do that better. We were truly amused even though ridiculing teachers in such way was no good.

Nareen, the one who planned everything for us, kept making mistakes in her speech. Something like, "tak payah pakai apa-apa". We were overcome by laughter and were questioning "no need to wear anything?" as if we didn't know she made a mistake. She actually wanted to say there's no need to wear anything special and grand, a T-shirt and a track bottom will do. The ambiguity in that sentence. Haha...

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