Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Public Speaking

Now I've accomplished a task. I've done my so-called public speaking in school right this morning. Well, it wasn't really anything like a real public speaking because I only needed to talk through the PA system and read from my prepared script. Nobody was going to stare straight at me while I was trying my very best to pronounce every word clearly and fluently, other than the students and teachers in-charged to hold our morning assembly.

For God's sake, I felt like my heart was beating out of my body although I wasn't doing it in front of any crowd but a few students and teachers. Adilla was the first to start, I was second while Jaice was the last to present. The topic was...uhmm...nothing more than "Reasons Why Am I Proud to be A Malaysian", since this month, we're going to celebrate our National Day. We were supposed to show how patriotic we were...LOL. But I guess, while we were "preaching", not many people were paying attention. (Because even me myself doesn't pay attention to such talks.)

Almost everyone said my voice sounded like a baby through the microphone and my heavy breath sounded like I was beatboxing. That's...err...ridiculous? A baby doesn't do public speaking...LOL. Anyway, it was a good thing I wasn't badly criticized, or praised either.

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