Saturday, August 28, 2010


Beatboxing is a less common culture in Malaysia. However, it is very well known to us. I mean, to the Form 4 students in St Mary Secondary Girl School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Should I be more precise? LOL… It first started this way, Pei Teng has seen the glory of Shaun, an acquaintance of hers, performing his talent of beatboxing. It attracted Pei Teng very much indeed. Then, she started exploring the secrets of the art, the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds.

She practices what she knows, in school every day or just anywhere that she finds comfortable. And so, it spreads to her friends, which is where I’m included too. Soon, the whole Form 4 students know about the existence of beatbox art although they don’t know how to produce wonderful sounds with their mouth, yet. That’s why some are trying hard to master it. However, some think beatboxing is equivalent to noise pollution. And do you know what we’ll do? We’ll deliberately keep beatboxing in front of them… Muahahaha… Well, we aren’t that annoying.

“One of the modern singers and musicians who started to add his own sounds to his music was Michael Jackson in songs like Billie Jean, Tabloid Junkie, and Who Is It. Most of the time, he admitted that he needed a tape recorder to record this sound that came to his mind just to not forget them and around that base built the rest of the tune.”
Sourced from Wikipedia

See? Isn’t it amazing? Even the King of Pop beatboxed in the production of his music.

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