Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bizarre Indian Old Lady

I'm actually super mega relieved that I've moved to Kepong Baru (very near to my current school I'm studying in), if you haven't known already. This really cuts the frills. My mom doesn't have to fetch me to and fro school. Most importantly, I do not need to wait for her for what seems like hours anymore. Hah! But rumour has it that all the sixth formers in KL will need to be garnered to a building in Desa Park City specialized merely for us, unlike the current system, where the sixth formers are dispersed to myriad different secondary schools. (aww)

So for now, my everyday morning routine is to get my arse off the bed at 6:30a.m., the most torturous moment of the day when I have to fight my eyelids closing every time I endeavor to get up. I don't get up by myself though. I have a 24/7 complaining mother who gets extremely put off if I don't become magically awake after the first time she attempted waking me up, like, saying, "Ning, 起来咯~(get up lo)" in a super tender voice. Yes, only after the very first time when she knows I stay up late every single night doing productive stuffs. *coughcough*

I'm almost always almost late to school every morning. Uh, does that even sound right? *lookup&think* It makes sense to me anyway. (lol) But I'd rather run to school every morning than to lose an extra 5-minute shuteye. It's essentiallllll. At least running is... is some sort of healthy sport in the morning. I feel like I'm speaking against my conscience. ._.

In the beginning, I thought I was only imagining things when I thought I saw a silhoutte watching me every single time I pass by that junction just near school. Apparently, I am not. There's this Indian lady standing behind her gates, clad in what looks like some two-piece clothes pervaded with some traditional Indian elements or is that simply a pyjamas? For what I can recall, she has short, black hair with lots of grey streaks and she wears a pair of glasses.

It's somewhat vague in my mind because every day I just rush pass her to be real certain I step into the school compound right before 7:15. I'm literally running like a horse. But the fact is that the way she looked perched there every morning, watching whatever I don't perceive as interesting, just bothers the hell out of me. It's kind of, creepy? She should go get breakfast with her kids or something. And I wonder if she has kids. If it's negative, then it's really saddening. Who on earth leaves their own mom standing behind the gates in the wee hours?

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