Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lost and Found

March 8, 2012

Mom was overwrought that something unfavourable might happen to me when we were first informed that I was chosen to attend the national service camp in Miri, Sarawak which was two hours flight from my home. So, out of complete concern, she got me an amulet from some temple. Then I was damn worried that Mom would swallow me because I lost it. Careless me. I sent the amulet together with my class uniform to the logistic unit for laundry service. So like you should know, when I got the shirt back, the amulet was no longer in the pocket. Ta-da! It vanished, just like that. And there went my peaceful life. Mom said I was supposed to retaliate the "borrowed protection" from the God by returning the amulet etc. Complicated stuff.

Talking about this afternoon, our company -- Bravo jersey shirts were finally done! I was happy and excited to grab mine because our jersey design was presumably the sexiest (not literally) and best among that of the four companies so far. To my dismay, my shirt was nowhere found in the big plastic bag I thought looked like a Santa sack. Imagine my emotionless face though I felt as if I was stabbed by a thousand if not a million knifes on the inside. Okay, obvious exaggeration. Still, I want my jersey so badly. *I got it later at night. I seriously had no idea how it could be with the wira. (In the camp, female trainees were addressed "wirawati" and male trainees "wira".)

The shooting results were released a few days ago. I was grateful I had the chance to "play" with M16 rifle but it didn't mean the outcome was always glorious. So, I only managed to get 12 with the possible highest marks being 100. Pathetic. Real pathetic. I actually felt like erasing my name and marks from the display board. But I was totally consoled to see that there were quite a number of trainees whose shots didn't touch the target board, at all. =P Anyway, Bravo company had the highest average marks, making it the overall best company in shooting. This is it!

It was like a lost and found day, if you get it. =)

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