Wednesday, March 21, 2012


March 6, 2012

I was wandering in the hope that I would stumble upon someone I could really talk to for a couple of minutes to wash away the boredom that had been haunting me. My eyes lingered. My legs walked in a slow but steady pace. I found no candidate and it took me a while to realize I forgot where I had placed my cute H2O bottle. Tell you a lame thing. I saw it resting beside a rubbish bin when I was throwing some waste papers away. Happily embraced it and walked back into my classroom. *mood lift* LOL

My smart-looking teacher for the current module, i.e. Mr Hafiz was not there, yet. Then I was stupidly alienating myself from the people. *mood drop* I tossed my head, examining my surrounding. The faint chatter grew stronger while I started immersing myself in own thoughts. How random and how unnecessary that my mind suddenly conceived nothing but the fear of abandonment, grasping me with its brutishness.

A day when my mood fluctuated, very much.

Another thing that was never constant was my weight.

When I first entered the Miri National Service Camp, my weight was 46kg. After a week or two, I shed 3kg. Then gained 2kg. Today I was a 44kg girl. Still underweight but I'm fine with it. =)

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