Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hold On For Dear Love

Reading back my previous post, it felt extremely emotional and regretful. That sinful me. That innocent me. Those damaged, messed up times we all wish we could turn back. We made ourselves believe everything happened for a reason.

However reluctant I was, I could not deny that there was perhaps truth in "everything happened for a reason". These ordeals we had been put through would serve as a reminder, forever and always, for us to not repeat those mistakes that promised anguish, that we now had learned how to keep friendship alive and whatnots.

Everything happened for a reason. Those words resonated across the room. I found myself unable to come to terms with that statement. Reasons? What reasons? With prices that would break our hearts?


Then again, I guess everyone deserved a happy ending. And I felt blessed that I could proudly say I had found the happy ending. I was glad I was given chances to start new and find a place where I belonged. I was grateful I had met them, those friends in the sixth form in SMKKB. Our friendships were still new and young. That, I was well aware of. But I would hold on to them, as long as I could.

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