Thursday, December 19, 2013

Walter Johnson

Memories of that morning were rather vague. But I could still remember she got into the classroom with a few others and was immediately asked to perform the speaking task for MUET without time conferred for adequate preparation considering that was perhaps her first time exposed to MUET speaking, and first day in that school. Coincidentally, I was in the same group with her.

Was that how it all started? I wasn't quite sure. She happened to sit around the same table with me for the first semester, and right beside me for the second and third. We were friends just before we knew it. Who would have seen it coming? That we would talk and gossip together about Guy A and Guy B, Girl C and Girl D. That she would happily spare me her food for my stomach that yearned for food 99.99% of the time. (This is very very important. Love her mom's cheese cake amg...) That we would complain of being sleepy during lessons. General Studies lessons especially. Even the thought of it made me yawn. ~.~ That we would hang out for movies together. That she would listen to me ranting about my problems while I enjoyed making her feel bad because there wasn't much she could do and vice versa. That I would take loads of selfie with her and delete them because I felt I looked really bad in them. (heh heh...) Those little things everyone might have done. They seemed unimportant. But those seemingly unimportant things had built us. And I was assured there was more to come in our friendship.

So this birthday girl deserves a shoutout.


Enjoy your special day and stay aweeeeeeeeeeeesome! <3 p="">

My little confession: Your laugh is too damn infectious. It's shoo funny. T_T

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