Monday, June 11, 2012


1) Today had definitely proven my distress and worries superfluous. My classmates were nothing short of cordial. And I reckon, I was being convivial if not hyperactive. I was glad I didn't look all lost and alone already.

2) The most difficult part of Malaysian University English Test (MUET) is the speaking test they said. And I could not beg to differ. During our MUET lesson just today, we were exposed to this particular speaking test. I'm not so sure that I can do very well for this test because I'd never put conversing in English into practice even in St Mary. But I hope that with the training from our teacher, Puan Geraldine, I'll be well prepared before the real test in July 2013. Yeah, we are so many months away, which is sort of good.

3) Latterly, I've been engaging myself in painting wall mural in school. Um, for the sake of some co-curricular activities points to ensure my bright future for university admission (smirking, hehe). And it's never boring to play with colours! =P

4) Mom always wanted me to walk a short distance from school to somewhere near the 99 Speedmart and she'd pick me up there. You know, to avoid the busy traffic near the school where myriad cars are so obstructed that they could scarcely move. Today after school dismissal, I could barely catch any sight of her car. After waiting for a long while, I decided I should just head home on my feet. Walking home from SMK Kepong Baru is not cool at all. It's 5km or one hour under the scorching sun. All I got in the end was being severely tongue-lashed 'cause I made her wait for almost an hour there. What luck. I must have been visually impaired or she reached there right after I was gone.

The way she reverts to the normal, good her after mentally thrashing me is driving me up the wall. Then, another displeased look. Ahhhh......

Today was a pleasant day, anyway. =)

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