Tuesday, June 12, 2012

En passant

I went home just to find the cables connecting the system unit with other hardware all unplugged. Got me exasperated. Bro, what the hell were you doing with those cables? .__.

And oh, talking about a guy I've just befriended. We are classmates and only got the chance to formally introduce ourselves to each other after school's dismissal yesterday. He gave me an impression that he is a quiet guy, rather reticent. Am I imagining things to think that he looked so tensed during lessons?

I had quite some fun passing the time with some friends when the teacher wasn't around, yet. It so happened that three of us were selected and had attended the National Service. Except that we were placed in different camps, in the different corners of Malaysia. We shared our experience, told our tales about the happenings throughout the 3-months National Service. En passant, speaking of the shooting activity in the camp, I kind of regretted that I didn't take a photo of me posing with the M16 rifle. *wannalookcool

God is watching over you, He hears you. =)

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