Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Reality

Sick of life of material
Where things must be imperial
People estranged
The sequence deranged

And life was beautiful
Incredibly wonderful
But now it's polluted
To evil, they're addicted

Hunger of satan
And monsters awakened
They stabbed straight through
The hearts of virtue

Bloodshed on the streets
No one cares, they went to sleep
Then, why did they hate the view
Of their same kind, with different hue

I just want to relax and lie down here
Enjoy the call of the wind, so clear
Just want to see the stars shine
And tell me, "everything will be fine"

I just want to touch the sparks of love
They keep us warm, like a glove
Just want to live in fantasy
There's no inhumanity

Will one day this fantasy
Become reality?

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