Sunday, May 30, 2010


It was scary. Mommy phoned. In a trembling voice, she told me an Indian guy from nowhere was tailgating her in a motorcycle. My mind was disturbed and I couldn't continue reading. Any sane being would feel worried in this condition, with her mom in so much probable danger. I really wished everything would be fine. Anyone, help her, save her, bring her home. That was what stayed in my thought for long. After a lengthy, silent moment of waiting, finally she was back home. She said he was a robber. First, he stopped at the left side of her car and he drove to the right instead. He knocked the window hard and cued for my mom to get off the car. My mom showed a "what" look and he lifted up a steel rod. It was obvious that he intended to break the window and rob! It was believed that he saw the gold bracelet worn around her wrist. She got so scared and drove off immediately without second thought, passing two red lights. Thankfully he was lost during her escape. He was really inhumane. I wish he would turn over a new leaf before it's too late. Life isn't meant to be lived like this.

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  1. luckily~

    my mom also faced this trouble before..

    really scary lo..=.="