Saturday, June 5, 2010

Teachers' Day

Look at their big smile!

Do you know that World Teachers' Day is celebrated across the world on 5th October every year? I actually just found this out on Wikipedia. Well, as a Malaysian, we should know our teachers' endless effort is commemorated the most on 16th Mei because on the same day in 1956, the Federal Legislative Council of the Federation of Malaya endorsed the Razak Report, one of four reports of the Education Committee regarding education in Malaysia. Okay, I think I've said enough about history.

Today is a very noteworthy day indeed. Needless to say, Teachers' Day Celebration was held in my school, this morning. Nareen, Jocelyn and Baie were the emcees. We were high as if we were intoxicated from alcohol. Or shall I say, our love for our teachers overflowed in a sudden simply because we could enjoy, exams are over, and most importantly, the task after this celebration would be go back home and have our two weeks holiday!

Back to the celebration story. Teachers were welcomed to have their seat on the hall stage with music played by Shangita, Vinoshini and Sheng Ping. And the prefects lined, forming a pathway to the stage with candles or lanterns held in their hands. The illumination made the ambience even more romantic. Everyone stood up as a sign of respect, clapping and cheering. After everyone had their seat (we had to sit on the floor T_T) and sang the national anthem, as it was expected but never wanted, speeches came. Mr. Chew and Encik Khairuddin read the couriers from the ministers to us. Then, Miss Goh, the principal, started preaching. The only time I paid full attention to her speech was when they were playing a video of an amazing lady telling a story. She drew images by using only sand and the story was meaningful and conceived important lessons.

The teachers read out their pledge and sang Malaysia Teachers' song. They, especially Miss Goh, always say that we should project our voice and sing out loud. But they were not that good in singing either. *chuckles*

The song, The World's Greatest by R. Kelly was modified and made famous once more in St. Mary. We sang this song to our teachers. I supposed the moment was very touching to them. And guess what, we had lucky draw for teachers, eleven prizes were provided and Miss Goh was supposed to pick 11 names from a container. Seriously, an ugly container. Wouldn't they make a presentable one? Well, the center of attraction wasn't the container anyway. When the lucky stars' names were announced, their "fans" went wild and cheered to the maximum. Puan Parimalah was the last name announced. She looked so surprised and delighted that she had one too! But Puan Chang seemed a little disappointed. Haha...

Next, our eyes were fed with another video, "Lesson We Learn From Teachers" and a sketch performed by two students entitled "Hu's On First". The character in "Lesson We Learn From Teachers" were so cute! Joey Low wanted to watch the whole movie if there's one. But for "Hu's On First", I've known the story ages ago, either in video or essay. I think it was the time for the teachers to prepare for their performances. Hah! We were going to see how crazy our teachers could be. And there they were, on stage performing Malay dance, Sumazau dance, Chinese dance, Hindi dance and even the native dance! Their movements and gestures were so amusing and hilarious while some did it in grace. We laughed out our hearts throughout their performances. Even Miss Goh let her hair down, scenes we couldn't catch anywhere, anytime but on this celebration.

Finally, we had a few more wonderful performances by students. One of the groups pampered the Korean artists' fans because they used mostly Korean songs but I, the non-Korean-artists-fans enjoyed it just as much. Then, time for dismissal arrived. We sang The World's Greatest once more and it was ended with applause. I supposed teachers would go for their feast after this and we would have our little own one, in the canteen. Haha...

Yvonne, Jye Chyi, Yap Xin, Jia Yeen and Yen Kei said if we can do MJ dance next Teachers' Day with me. I'm gonna plan for it during the end year holiday. Hope they really mean it.

Holiday, I'm coming!

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