Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Results... T_T

It was staggering when Puan Johana, our soon-to-be ex form teacher asked us to check our marks on the paper. The paper where our results are written in position, in marks, in percentage, in statistics. The statistics could be surprising, relieving or just too horrifying. The beautifully narrated story that I was reading did blend into my mind perfectly while my breath went heavier. I just needed more ventilation to calm down myself. The feeling was so indescribable, not that I cared much what position I'd get, but the anxiety stole my air away while scenes of the story went flashing in my mind.

I walked to her table where she was resting herself, starting to collect money from the sales of coupon for Canteen Day (that's another long story). I shuffled slowly towards her. I was dragging my feet. I sensed no feeling at that moment. Yvonne and a few more classmates who couldn't wait any longer, gathered around Pei Teng, trying to have a peep on the paper. Suddenly, Yvonne jumped high and screamed in joy. This is what she always does - shocking people out of a sudden by laughing too loud or overreacting over trivial matters. She always wanted me to get number one in class. The reason why should not be revealed. *evil laugh*

So, did that mean I achieve the highest pride in class? Yes, it is. But, I felt no thrill. I handed Puan Johana three thirty ringgit notes. I was a little comforted but, very worried too. It actually meant I'd have to put in more effort for the final exam. More pressure. More stress. But, so far, I shall just enjoy! Mommy promised me RM20 if I get number one in class. Only RM20, yet it's better than nothing!

I haven't finish my homework. AHHH!!! I'm going to do it now. T_T

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