Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dragon Boat Festival

It has been customary on Dragon Boat Festival to enjoy Zong Zi, glutinous rice dumplings as a memorial to Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet who committed suicide. Since this festival is around the corner, mommy made lots of Zong Zi from glutinous rice (obviously), pork (no offense to the Muslims), Chinese mushrooms and five-spice powder to name a few, having them wrapped in bamboo leaves, just this morning.

My Dragon Boat Festival routine all this while was eating dumplings. It's yummy, especially the one made by my mom. Hehe... But, sad to say, I have never seen even one dragon boat race. I really wish to watch one. Why isn't it on TV? I only know that this activity is actively held in Penang.

The world, there's much yet to discover...

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