Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back To School???

After two weeks of not well-benifited holidays, finally we're back to school. And there we are, doomed to face our exam results, and possibly, face the music later. Going back to school is torturing, except for the geniuses. But we still couldn't deny that we miss our friends badly!

So, obviously, it's a catch-22. Meeting our friends to quench our thirst (when we actually can do this outside of our school but we don't want to play truant, right? So, nevertheless, we have to get back to that dungeon. ROAR!) while getting our results that make us whine and probably, getting a life-time babble from our parents. It's a paradox. Thank God my mom doesn't babble on me much.

However, mom tends to think that my results are getting worse because I spent too much time surfing the net ever since she got me internet. Guess all parents say the same thing.

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