Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sex Crimes

It's very saddening to read the news nowadays. Theft. Robbery. Drug abuse. Murder. Rape. Should I say more?

To our dismay, sex crimes whom most victims are women and children are on the rise. According to the staggering statistic, last year, that is the year 2009, there were 3626 cases of sex crimes in Malaysia. Every 15 minutes, one person is sexually abused. And you may be having fun, hanging around with friends or something. How horrible the world has became, huh?

I have to say here, it's very important for the victims to voice out. If they choose to pretend nothing happened and let it be the past, or continue being threatened by the sex offenders, the violators will only be more encouraged to continue their wrongdoings as they will not need to be responsible for any consequences in change for their immoral pleasure.

As Ho Yan said, reading my blog makes her feels like she's reading news article. That's how I write, and I can't help it, haha... May the world be free of sex offenders. Peace.

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