Friday, May 21, 2010

Little Baby

Little baby went without knowing why
He was stuffed into a bottle and died
Who'd care enough to mourn for his soul
That went when his body wasn't whole
A gift, a blessing from Him
Disposed in cruelty and brutality

Little baby was killed by his own mother
Has she no mercy to love him harder
His deformed heart written with searing pain
Lying and smarting from sin so insane
Another seed of goodness, of purity
Vanished for the sake of inhumanity

Little baby died a bewildered death
He wasn't given a chance for a breath
An innocent soul free from evil
Left without knowing what is love
Of the reason why, he hasn't get a hint
He is now dead, and gone with the wind

A canine came by, dragged him to the side
Ate up his limb, he couldn't launch a cry
He was left there, bathed in blood of despair

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