Friday, May 21, 2010


Beads of tears started streaming down her chubby cheeks. Mixed with a little bit of sweat. It was too much, too heavy for her to abide. Her despair fused with the paradoxically hot atmosphere. I could feel it as I approached her helpless body. Now that she lost everything, everything but me, I wished I could unbreak her heart that was encrusted with too much wounds and scars, nearly lacking space for hope to sprout. Her sprinkling brown eyes reflected her foul mood. I could not resist to look at her face. Almond eyes. Sharp nose. Pinkish lips. Freckled round face. Black straight hair. I studied her features again. It was so different with agony written on it. Seeing her sat crouched in a corner, reluctant to speak, was even more heart-paring to me.

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